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'Noah' expert tells real story of biblical flood

There are stories of massive floods in many cultural traditions worldwide, which represent the “collective memory” of the biblical catastrophe, the author of a new book has told Fox News.

Larry Stone’s book “Noah: The Real Story” is out with the truth just as Hollywood’s $130 million epic “Noah” starring Russell Crowe is appearing in theaters.

He explained there are hundreds of stories of great floods, or worldwide floods, representing the “collective memory of one great worldwide Flood,” ranging from Africa and Australia to Europe and China.

Stone talked about several specific flood stories, including one from Syria that had a man, his family and animals caught up in a flood that took them far into the Persian Gulf. A second, he said, suggests that the Black Sea was flooded 500 feet above its ordinary level.

He said explorers have found what appears to be evidence of civilization at a depth of 400 feet in the Black Sea.

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Stone said one interpretation is that the world was vastly different prior to the flood, consisting of one continent, from which today’s seven continents fractured because of the upheaval.

Hollywood’s version is directed by Darren Aronofsky, who injects the theory of evolution into the biblical narrative.

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