Using a comical approach, the latest fundraising email from essentially says, “We’re smarter and better-looking than you, so give us money.”

The email Wednesday from Organizing for Action, the nonprofit social welfare organization and community organizing project that advocates for Obama’s agenda, urges people to be “a part of something special.”

“Fact: OFA members are fighting every day for real progressive change,” it states.

“Fact: OFA members are making a difference in D.C. and right in our own backyards.”

It concludes: “Fact: OFA members are smarter, better looking, and better at basketball than most people.*”

Below is another asterisk, stating, “Source: Several OFA members’ first-hand accounts.”

The title for the fundraising email is “How to be smarter, better looking, and better at basketball.’

It was the Obama campaign that during the 2008 campaign season revolutionized fundraising through the Internet. It continued through his first term and hasn’t stopped.

There have been some setbacks in the fundraising, however.

An OFA fundraiser was dismissed for collecting a $100,000 check from a New Jersey doctor who is seeking a presidential pardon for fraud.

Then there was Claudio Osorio, a Venezuelan native who once held fundraisers for Obama, who admitted to three conspiracy offenses involving wire fraud and money laundering.

Obama’s money gathering has, at times, raffled off meetings with the president.

And WND reported that in the 1990s, Barack Obama spoke at fundraisers for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps.

Also, there were reports that more than half of Obama’s 47 top fundraisers – those who collected a minimum of $500,000 – were given jobs in the White House.

There even were confirmed reports that the Obama campaign accepted donations from foreign nationals, but the Federal Election Commission soft-pedaled it, turning back a complaint. In a letter from General Counsel Anthony Herman and Assistant General Counsel Mark Shonkwiler, the FEC officials said they found “no reason” to believe that the Obama for America campaign organization violated federal law by apparently allowing foreigners to donate to the campaign.

WND reported when the investigation was launched, based on details of alleged illegal activity that surfaced.

The complaint alleged the Obama campaign systematically violated the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 and the regulations of the FEC by “soliciting, processing, accepting and confirming contributions from foreign nationals and non-U.S. citizens” in contravention of federal law.

It was documented that a donor using the name “Osama bin Laden” used a Pakistani proxy server to run a grassroots fundraising page titled “Fatwa: Foreign Donations” on Obama’s campaign website, which openly sought foreign donations.

“Bin Laden’s” foreign donors page was not removed by the Obama campaign after a WND report prior to the election found that the same “bin Laden” account had successfully donated twice to Obama’s presidential re-election campaign. After the WND report, one of the donations was officially returned while another was listed as pending.

See the latest fundraising effort:

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