The crisis in the Crimea region of Ukraine is only the latest example of the bitter fruit we can expect from President’s Obama’s foreign policy “reset.” What did we expect from a foreign policy based on the Marxist premise of America’s guilt and the need to apologize for winning the Cold War?

Let’s remember that Obama began his presidency with the now-famous trip to Egypt and a speech at Cairo University declaring American neutrality in the war against Islamist jihad. From there he moved on to declare a “reset” in U.S. relations with Russia, which was a euphemism for rejecting the “Cold War theories” of peace through strength.

“Peace through strength” was the underlying, bipartisan doctrine that guided American foreign policy since the Eisenhower-Kennedy era, a doctrine abandoned with disastrous consequences during the Carter presidency. The fundamental premise of that doctrine is the common-sense idea that in dealing with adversaries in a dangerous world, military and economic strength is the necessary foundation of all successful diplomacy.

Peace through strength does not mean throwing our weight around or entering foreign conflicts where our national security is not endangered. It does mean we recognize that good intentions alone are not enough to safeguard our legitimate national interests in a world where we have real enemies who do, in fact, wish us harm.

Under Obama, we have explicitly and proudly abandoned the belief that we live in a dangerous world, a world in which our peace and our freedoms are under serious and constant threat. For Obama and his leftist allies, we need only proclaim our good intentions to “live and let live,” take the side of the world’s oppressed and down trodden, and our adversaries in the Middle East and elsewhere will accept our outstretched hand of friendship. Presto! A new world will be born!

For Obama and the American left, we have no serious enemies abroad. For them, there are no groups or movements or nations sworn to our destruction. Iran’s continual boast that it will “destroy the Great Satan” is only bluster, not a serious threat. So, Obama and his team have not made a serious effort to halt or prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. In Obama’s view, our opposition to Iran becoming a nuclear power is misguided and Israel should not worry so much about that.

What the Ukraine problem should teach us is that Obama’s worldview is the root of the crisis, not mistakes made by the Ukrainian people in throwing a Russian puppet out of office. And because it is Obama’s weakness that has led us into this mess, we should expect to see other foreign policy crises soon.

Obama’s policy on the Syrian civil war is in tatters. Obama’s “stewardship” of the Israeli-PLO peace talks is a joke. Obama’s policy regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions have reached a dead end. Obama’s 2012 campaign braggadocio that “al-Qaida is everywhere in retreat” has since been disavowed even by his own intelligence agencies.

Against this backdrop of worldwide diplomatic failures, Obama has announced plan to further weaken our military readiness, taking the U.S. Army to a manpower level unknown since before World War II. If this were a television series, it would have to be a comedy because no one would believe it as drama.

We can cross our fingers and hope that Putin and Russia are the only ones who see through Obama’s rhetoric and thus disregard his admonitions to respect international law in Ukraine. We can hope that other enemies do not also call Obama’s bluff. Yes, we can hope Obama’s chickens do not all come home to roost. But in the real world, China and Iran and al-Qaida very likely will not shrink from exploiting America’s continuing weakness.

Can America survive three more years of Obama’s foreign policy delusions? His actions on the domestic front provide adequate grounds for impeachment, but now, policy blunders might well give impetus to Congress’s acting on impeachment sooner rather than later.

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