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Planned Parenthood in 'shocking' decline

Despite receiving $542 million from the federal government last year,  the number of Planned Parenthood clinics has dropped to a 40-year low as more and more states cut tax subsidies, according to a new report from the American Life League.

The abortion industry behemoth’s dependence on subsidies is evident in a survey that found Planned Parenthood last year opened 13 new facilities and closed 48. The closures were in 16 different states. The total number of facilities has fallen from 938 in 1995 to 695 today.

“Why have so many states been tightening the reins on Planned Parenthood?” asked Rob Gasper, a senior research analyst for ALL, the nation’s oldest Catholic pro-life group.

“Awareness,” he answered in a report titled “Planned Parenthood’s shocking 2013 decline.”

Gasper said education efforts by pro-life groups “have finally cast enough light onto Planned Parenthood’s activities to show that it is a corrupt and corrupting enterprise.”

American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International project has been “instrumental in unearthing mounds of evidence against Planned Parenthood’s corrupting influence, especially in our schools and communities,” he said.

He also cited undercover stings by the pro-life group Live Action, which “flashed a bright light on underhanded and illegal tactics being employed.”

“Numerous other pro-life groups have been instrumental, especially at the local level, in educating legislators and citizens alike,” he said.

The newest assessment of the nation’s largest influence in the abortion industry said 15 states have fewer Planned Parenthood facilities than reported last year, while only three have increased from last year’s totals.

The report also found that the percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics committing surgical and/or medical abortion increased from 47 percent in 2012 to 49 percent in 2013.

In 2013, Planned Parenthood reported 342 facilities conducting surgical and/or medical abortions.

Of those, 170 facilities offered both services while 168 offered medical abortions but not surgical. Four clinics reported offering only surgical abortions.

“For the first time since 1973, Planned Parenthood is operating less than 700 facilities,” the new report said. “Whether measured by number of facilities or total affiliates, 2013 marked the eighth straight year of decline. … This decline cannot be attributed to the actions of one particular state or region, as Planned Parenthood closed facilities in 16 states.”

The report said Planned Parenthood most frequently blamed pressure from legislation, including defunding efforts and tightening of standards, as the primary reason for the closures.

The abortion provider, however, is maneuvering for “new streams of federal and state revenue available due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” the report said. “Without such funding, Planned Parenthood has shown itself to be incapable of survival.”

ALL Vice President Jim Sedlak said his group does exhaustive research on Planned Parenthood every year.

“This marks the eighth straight year of decline in both total facilities and total affiliates. Meanwhile, taxpayer subsidies remain at record highs under the Obama administration,” he said.

Gasper commented that Planned Parenthood, “like a vampire, cannot survive in the light.”

“Once the lights go on, the leeching of public funds begins to dry up and Planned Parenthood closes shop,” he said.

He said a close look at the numbers shows a major period of decline beginning in 2007 and an acceleration in the decline in 2009.

He noted two major efforts began in those years. First, in 2007, “40 Days for Life” launched its first national prayer and fasting effort across more than 30 states. In 2009, American Life League started the “Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary” campaign.

But he said it’s not just a political or economic issue.

“The battle against Planned Parenthood is not just an earthly fight. The premise is simple. Ask for God’s help.”

WND recently reported on a related assessment of America’s abortionists nationwide. The report said 87 facilities discontinued offering surgical abortions last year.

The New York Times reported that by the end of the year, only six abortion businesses are expected to be operating in Texas. That’s down from 44 in 2011.

WND reported last month that five abortion clinics already had been closed across the nation this year.

Operation Rescue compiled the list of 2013 closures in its effort to monitor the decline of America’s abortion businesses. The ministry itself bought one abortion clinic in Wichita, Kan., to make sure that it was put permanently out of business.

The organization said, in a year-end report for 2013, 87 businesses discontinued offering surgical abortions during the year, including 81 that were permanently shuttered.

In the report,”Death Throws of the Death Industry,” Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger explained the closures left the number of surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. at that time at 582, a drop of 12 percent in just 2013 alone and a 73 percent plunge from the high in 1991 of 2,176.