“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,”  2 Chronicles 7:14, NKJV.

This passage of scripture is widely popular with many Christian patriots who believe in God to heal America and soothe our country’s very deep wounds with His healing power. It’s a clarion call from God to His people to call out to Him and plead their cause for their nation.

We the People are doing everything in our power to elect conservatives to office and remove liberal fanatics from power – and we definitely need to continue in that fight.

But there is a part of our political fight to restore America that can only be waged by humility, prayer and repentance. It is the most important part of the fight, the crux that our political work should hinge upon. Without this component, God cannot – and will not – intervene.

And we cannot – and will not – experience healing in the land. We will win some battles, and perhaps even win the presidency, yet without God leading the charge, through the prayers of his people, any “success” will be inadequate to fully stave off America’s enemies.

So often, we who are Christians become immersed in the political process in our own strength and inadvertently forget that God is our leader, our guide. (I’m guilty.) And, as such, God methodically prescribes his way of doing things. It’s the basis by which we allow Him to be Lord of everything and showcase our faith and trust Him to do what only He can do.

I’m not suggesting that Christians aren’t praying; I know for a fact that many are. However, I am saying that if we deliberately act on God’s promise to intervene on our behalf and take up His cause for America – and not solely ours – He will hear our prayers.

Quite frankly, there is no other hope.

America is teetering over a dangerous precipice politically, socially and culturally, and the safety net at the bottom isn’t strong enough to catch it all. Let’s be honest, there are some aspects of American life that just won’t revert back to common decency, common sense or accepted codes of conduct. We’ve passed the point of no return on many fronts. Moral and cultural relativism has replaced the Ten Commandments, and biblical principles, which at one time were the majority in America, have dwindled to a minority viewpoint.

This shift speaks volumes and directly correlates to the governance of our nation. Americans are divided on many issues, and while difference of opinion and the right to individualism goes without saying, the divide can only last so long before every segment of society suffers irreparable damage.

We are nearing that point.

God, however, has the answer. God always has the answer, but Christians must meet the requirements and follow the prescribed method to invoke His power in the earth.

The answer, as outlined in the scripture, is three-fold: Humility, prayer and repentance.

Notice the distinctiveness of whom God is addressing: “My people … called by My name.” Let’s be clear about God’s irrefutable protocol about who qualifies as “My people”: Only Christians can catch God’s ear in pleading a case for America – not well-meaning patriots, not Obama haters, not those who wave flags at rallies and invoke his name to “save America,” not even those who attend church. Only bona fide, born-again Christians, acknowledged by God as “My people,” can boldly petition him on behalf of America.

That brings me to my point: Are we earnestly praying? Have we repented to God for our offenses as individuals as well as for the sins of the nation? Have we turned from our wicked ways? Are we asking God to have mercy? Have “we,” God’s people, taken up this charge?

To Christians, the scripture mandates praying for America; it’s not optional. Don’t be concerned with the outcome; that’s God’s business. Thank God he gave us a blueprint for healing the land!

Our call to America is prayer first, then, if applicable, pursuing any and all political action as a God directive.

If we focus our energy on following this passage of scripture as more than a mere prayer at tea-party rallies, we will witness a powerful move of God in the political realm. Many of our forefathers were praying men, and through them, God established America.

Many preachers and evangelists aggressively used America’s freedom and liberty to propel the gospel into many dark corners of the world. Through them, God blessed America.

And if we, God’s people, who are called by his name, lead the charge humbly on our knees, God will heal America.

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