Ann Coulter is pounding the immigration issue like it’s nobody’s business and raising awareness about mass-immigration proponents blaming and shaming Americans into accepting amnesty.

During a CPAC debate panel with Democrat Mickey Kaus, Coulter effortlessly takes Kaus to task on illegal immigration and the liberal sellout of Americans in exchange for potentially 30 million votes. And true to her outspoken, witty form, Coulter pulls no punches in calling out some Republican lawmakers’ dance with amnesty, which she describes as “baffling.” Of the media, Coulter says, “There is no issue that is as of much importance to America and Americans that is hidden from public view as immigration,” noting that mass immigration proponents have done a great job of keeping unfavorable immigration issues suppressed from mainstream America. And Coulter reinforces her position that all things political – a full repeal of Obamacare, taxes and even the GOP presidential nominee – hinge on immigration.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Coulter’s single-issue-voting crusade of sorts, I find a specific point of her passionate commentary very thought-provoking, which forays into other aspects of political and societal issues in regards to amnesty. Coulter points out the constant barraging opponents of amnesty undergo when liberals raise pandemonium over a supposed scenario of immigrant children being torn away from their families. This scenario has yet to happen, and won’t likely happen. Coulter explains, “The children, under the Dream Act, include young men, who snuck across [the border] at age 17. Some are in their 30s now.”

Hardly children.

Coulter accurately points out that liberals use this “shaming” tactic to humiliate people into feeling guilty about standing up for secure borders, deportation and criminal punishment for immigrants who illegally enter the U.S. Why is a guilt trip laid upon law-abiding Americans regarding the potential fate of illegal immigrants? It’s not our fault that immigrants decide to enter America illegally, yet liberals and pro-amnesty GOP sellouts want us to emotionally own it by conveying exaggerated and inflammatory scenarios of children potentially being ripped from their families, deported and helplessly left to fend for themselves. That’s the narrative. Anti-amnesty citizens are akin to the big bad wolf waiting to prey on innocent Goldilocks kids.

The most hypocritical part about liberal shaming is that proponents of amnesty want U.S. citizens to feel guilty for – gasp – defending their rights according to U.S. law! In other words, We the People should be ashamed for holding to constitutional principles that cause illegals to feel ashamed.

Coulter points out that immigrants are not kept in the dark about what they are doing; they make a conscious decision to illegally enter America. In her words: “Everybody acts like they just stumbled into the country; ‘Oh, gosh! I didn’t know that was illegal.'” They know, and they also know that some American lawmakers, as well as the POTUS, will defend them at every turn.

If amnesty passes, Coulter points out that 1.2 million poor people annually will illegally enter the United States. Social Security, which is already on life support, as well as Medicare, will be further jeopardized by expecting illegal workers to fund these programs. Right. Illegals will somehow embrace paying into the system to sustain aging American citizens? I think not.

Liberals famously argue that illegal immigrants contribute to a healthy economy by doing jobs that others won’t do. Really? As Coulter says, “In L.A., they have gardeners even when they don’t have a garden.” What about crime, particularly from Mexican gangs against black Americans for no reason other than they are black? Mass immigration will escalate gang warfare and crimes against innocent civilians to new heights.

Even Kaus agrees that amnesty is not the answer to the immigration crisis. He states, “There [are] no do-overs. Once you let people in, they’re here.” Coulter reinforces that truth: “Immigration is forever; it is game over when that happens.”

Coulter expertly notes instances where “shaming is good.” She retells of an era in America in which large corporations shamed Americans about littering through “Keep America Beautiful” ads depicting Native Americans crying about people polluting the natural beauty of the earth. It worked; people stopped littering, or, at least, felt ashamed if they did. But in California, parks are closed due to littering from illegal immigrants. No, no … don’t shame them; just close the parks. If this pattern in any indication of what will happen if amnesty passes, America will be overrun by cesspools of sanctuary cities destroying our society.

Shaming can effectively be used to encourage people to feel remorseful about injustice, immorality and lawbreaking. But in the case of amnesty, the president, liberals and RINO sellouts use shaming as political power-broker deals, where American citizens are pawned off in favor of illegal lawbreakers.

Liberals use the shame game against American citizens to forcefully advance the pro-amnesty/illegal immigration agenda. I agree with Coulter that the American people are the only voice that can make a difference in this matter. If amnesty passes, border patrol agents and American citizens who died defending borders and personal property would have died in vain.

And that’s something amnesty proponents should be ashamed of.

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