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The ruling class unmasked – on YouTube?

The recent YouTube video by a young woman that was featured on a colleague’s website got me thinking about the progress patriots are making against the Obama administration and the oligarchs in Washington. Carey Wedler’s video, “Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama,” has enjoyed quite a few views and chronicles the 20-something’s journey from liberal Obama groupie to what I’d call a quasi-libertarian at this point. She still has a ways to go.

In this video, the terminally cute Wedler, who is wearing a faded Obama T-shirt, discusses why she is disillusioned – nay, profoundly disgusted – with our president. She proceeds to rattle off a pretty accurate litany of some of the president’s more public shortfalls (though by no means his most egregious), then proceeds to doff the shirt and burn it with a propane torch. She doesn’t look old enough to have voted for Obama in 2008, but offers a photo of herself – wearing the new, unfaded and unburned Obama shirt – and her friends celebrating on the night of his first electoral victory, so who am I to call her a liar?

After the pyrotechnics, Wedler further excoriates our richly deserving chief executive, then explains that our government has become so corrupted that the American people are pretty much screwed (I’m paraphrasing). She claims in her Comments section that she would never again vote for a liberal or a conservative, since the efforts appear to garner the same results for the nation, its allies and the world in general.

With regard to her account of Obama’s crimes, all I can say is “You don’t know the half of it, lady.” Then, I would take issue with the wholesale conviction of liberals and conservatives.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This young lady is on the right track, and if there are millions of other 20-somethings evolving in the same manner, it certainly gives me hope for this generation and their progeny. However, there is a great danger in abdicating one’s civic responsibility to engage politically out of hopelessness that the corruption cannot be overcome.

For example, I would say that many if not most of Wedler’s age group don’t have even a nodding acquaintance with what a liberal or a conservative actually is. I can say this with confidence because I know that there are a lot of folks of my age group who don’t have a nodding acquaintance with what a liberal or a conservative actually is. It’s not entirely their fault, of course, since our ability to think critically has been incrementally stultified over several decades via our educational system. A truly conservative president and administration could significantly influence the direction of the nation, just as the current Marxist one has.

Unfortunately, we’ve been taught that people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the average Democratic congressional power players are liberals, and that George H.W. Bush, John Boehner and Newt Gingrich are conservatives. As those who read this column with regularity are aware, this is far from the case. The national Democratic Party has been so thoroughly co-opted by outright communists it’s not to be believed, and the congressional GOP has only slightly more conservatives in it than I can count on one hand. (This is completely discounting the whole “liberal” versus “classical liberal” appellation controversy.)

Like many disgusted (and some horrified) Americans who have recently become politically engaged, the specter of the conspiracies that exist, and the true extent to which our political leaders have been corrupted, may be more than the aforementioned 20-somethings can process just yet. The distance between gauging President Obama as a failure versus a calculating, treasonous international criminal with the agenda of rivaling history’s most notorious tyrants is pretty vast.

Then there’s the cabal of progressive, elitist Republicans who’ve managed to pass themselves off as conservatives for so long that even many conservatives think they’re conservatives. They and the radicals in our government are merrily shepherding us toward oligarchical collectivism, all in plain sight. America’s founders would burn them in a pile, as I’ve become fond of saying, only stopping short of asserting that’s what we ought to do with them.

All of these machinations conspire to confuse even the astute – and most American voters are not that astute at present.

Yet this does not mean that all is lost – otherwise I’d probably be living in a fortified compound someplace right about now. The efforts being made by the political left – whether it be venomous so-called correspondents on MSNBC, the Obama administration mobilizing federal agencies to target patriot groups, or the overall efforts to marginalize and discredit conservatives and libertarians on numerous fronts – are indicative of their fear.

Fear of what? Fear of the power that the American people still wield. I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with the pro-American activist and commentator from New Zealand, Trevor Loudon. Perhaps it’s his perspective (in not being American) that allows for a certain clarity of vision, but Loudon maintains that the effect the tea party and other patriot groups have had over the last several years has the political left and its progressive Republican co-conspirators quite terrified. Further, that it is the patriots’ being “in the fray” as well as routinely subjected to the propaganda of the press that prevents them from seeing how close they are to a potential victory.

That’s certainly encouraging, and I am inclined to agree. Despite the façade maintained by the Obama administration, the bravado of passive-aggressive GOP leaders and the press propaganda, their actions do tend to indicate that they all realize they are losing in the court of public opinion, both at home and abroad.

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