Though the Hollywood epic “Noah” won’t open until Friday in American theaters, it opened to big money in South Korea and Mexico over this past weekend.

Darren Aronofsky’s controversial production earned $14 million combined in those markets thus far, with the opening in Mexico the biggest debut for a movie in 2014.

Starring Russell Crowe, the movie was not accepted for distribution in much of the Arab world, with censors in countries like Indonesia stopping the film from being screened “due to concerns it contradicts Islamic values,” the AFP reported. reported, “The depiction of prophets is forbidden under Islamic law and, as well as being a biblical figure, Noah is also a Quranic prophet.”

“The visual depiction of a prophet is forbidden in Islam,” Zainut Tauhid Saadi told the news agency, adding: “The film will hurt both Christian and Muslim communities.”

“Noah” has been banned in Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

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It’s not just in Islamic circles that “Noah” has generated controversy.

The $130 million epic will carry a disclaimer at the start the film when it is released in America theaters, stating the movie doesn’t directly mirror the biblical account.

Aronofsky told “Variety,” “The film was made for believers and non-believers. I’m more concerned about getting non-believers into the theater or people who are less religious. A lot of people are thinking, ‘Oh. I don’t want to go see a Bible movie,’ but we completely shook up all expectations and people will see that as soon as they sit down and watch the movie.”

While Christians in America debate watching Aranofsky’s tale, a new book published by WND Books doesn’t come with a disclaimer stating it deviates from the Bible story.

Because it doesn’t.

Larry Stone’s “Noah: The Real Story,” includes everything you wanted to know about Noah, the Flood, the animals, the Ark, and even the search for the Ark.

For centuries American monks, Russian soldiers, German scientists, an English politician, an American astronaut, and a Baywatch star have looked for it.

Stone, one of the leading experts on the story of Noah, believes his book is not only the perfect companion to the new Hollywood film, but the proper tool for showcasing why the disclaimer was necessary at the start of the movie.

“My book doesn’t deviate at all from the biblical tale. It’s the biblical tale, covering everything and delving into the science of the matter, taking on questions such as was the flood global or local? How big was the Ark? How was it built? How did Noah gather and take care of the animals? Where can you see the Ark today?

“With Darren Aronofsky’s $130 million religious epic ‘Noah’ coming out on March 28, 2014, a lot of people are going to be searching for answers when it comes to information about the Flood, God’s judgment, and the Ark,” said Stone. “I’m confident my book will provide the deep answers that even Russell Crowe himself (playing Noah in the movie) couldn’t hope to give.”

Filled with fascinating stories, images, controversial details, and thorough research, “Noah: The Real Story” answers your questions and more, including Noah’s secret for surviving the end of the world.

Stone is the author of “The Story of the Bible,” named “One of the 10 best Christian books of the year,” and “Women of the Bible.” He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and University of Iowa School of Journalism.

Get “Noah: The Real Story” – autographed! – exclusively from the WND Superstore!

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