You broke it, you fix it, is the message from famed neurosurgeon and outspoken conservative leader Dr. Ben Carson to Americans who don’t like the way their country is moving.

Carson was interviewed recently by Joseph Farah, WND’s co-founder, editor-in-chief and CEO, on a wide range of subjects from faith to guns, from corruption to the presidency, from racism to the Constitution and from elections to Obamacare.

The founding documents of the country, and in fact, its beginning, were fine, he said.

“If you go back and look at what the original intent was, it was for a government for, of and by the people, not for, of and by the government,” he said. “In fact, our Constitution is designed to keep the government from becoming too big … .”

But it was the American people, who, over the years, became “less vigilant in terms of their responsibility.”

He said it’s because voters need to be informed, educated and able to understand what their government needs to do.

“The Founders said if we reach the point where people are not well-informed, the [government] would change.”

There now is a “dishonest media” and there are “dishonest politicians” – all of whom have an agenda they are pursuing.

Read what Dr. Carson has written, in “America the Beautiful,” “Gifted Hands,” and “Take the Risk.”

The Founders warned given those circumstances, “you would see a rapid change and a rapid decline.”

“Those are the things we are witnessing right now,” he said. “I think there are a lot of Americans who actually understand that.”

The solution to a government that right now is willing to “persecute those who disagree,” is very simple.

“I’m telling people how important it is to get out there … and get … reinvolved,” he said, pointing out that more people failed to vote in the last presidential election than voted for either candidate.

“We are not each other’s enemies,” he said. “We need to remain united. It is people who are trying to divide us up who are the real enemies.”

And he’s confident America will return to its strength.

“There are enough God-fearing people who are praying diligently on a daily basis. He’s (God’s) not going to turn His back on us,” he said.

He said when the nation’s leadership is put back in the hands of those with “integrity and honesty,” those attributes need to be used to govern.

“That is what we need to strength the fabric of our nation,” he said. ”

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He also warned the nation about Obamacare, saying the “gigantic government program” has had the people turn over a huge chunk of power to Washington.

“A lot of people don’t even understand that,” he said. His plan would be for a repeal, and then a creation of health savings accounts that could be shared and inherited.

But there is a good result from Obamacare, he said, and Americans should tell its authors, “You made us start thinking.”

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On immigration, he said, “We have to be logical. I like the fact that Canada has a program, immigrants can come there and work legally, be registered and come and go as they please, they pay taxes. They’re not Canadian citizens.”

On the Second Amendment: “There is no way that we should ever get rid of it. … There was always the threat of foreign enemies coming in, and the people couldn’t simply depend on the military to protect them. Also, there was always the change of your own government becoming the enemy.”

On abortion: “A majority do not believe in abortion on demand. How we got into this situation is pretty hard to understand. There was an agenda being pushed, it was pushed effectively.”

On racism: “I will say if a person is looking for racism, they will see it. … We need to continue to make progress in that area.”

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Read what Dr. Carson has written, in “America the Beautiful,” “Gifted Hands,” and “Take the Risk.”

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