March 31, 2014, may well be recorded in the history books of the future as the day the goosestepping heel of global bureaucratic-centralist totalitarianism stomped down crushingly and forever on the fragile flower of democracy that had been planted and named in ancient Athens and had briefly taken fertile and colorful root in the United States of America.

On that dark day, in Yokohama, Japan, a document was promulgated – to worldwide fanfare in the fawning, once-mainstream “news” media – that carried the art of brazen official mendacity to new and dismal depths.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, created by a Communist with the explicit intention of centralizing the power of government in the unelected hands of the unseen apparatchiks of the global classe politique, spawned that dread document.

For the smooth-talking, custard-faced nitwits who arrogantly consider that they know better than the people what is best for the people had a problem. They had told us they were as certain as certain can be that the world would warm ever more rapidly because the capitalist West had been burning coal, oil and gas for more than 250 years.

Yet there had been no global warming for 25 years. In central England, where the world’s longest continuously maintained regional thermometer record has been kept since 1659, the temperature trend has been flat since 1988. In that quarter of a century, then, the warming had not been global.

For 17 years and 6 months of that period, the mean global temperature had not risen by so much as a flicker.

In 1990, when the climate panel first reported, it had predicted that the world would warm by two-thirds of a Fahrenheit degree every 10 years.

Yet some of the scientists who provide cover for the shuffling bureaucrats’ bid for absolute power are honest. In September last year, confronted by the evidence that the world had warmed at less than half that rate, the scientists cut their near-term prediction in half, saying the world would now warm at a rate of just one-third of a degree per decade.

That astonishing admission that the “problem” we had been told of less than a quarter of a century ago was less than half as bad as we had been told went entirely unreported in the mainstream news media. As far as I know, it has not been mentioned anywhere.

Some have said there has been no warming for 17 years and more, but none have told their audiences that the scientists themselves, confronted with the evidence, have backed off and halved their forecast of warming over the next 30 years.

The news that the world is only warming – and, more importantly, will only warm – at half the originally predicted rate is equivalent to the news that the world has reached the target emissions reduction set by the scientists and bureaucrats in 1990, by more than halving the burning of fossil fuels.

What has actually happened is disastrous – disastrous, that is, for the bureaucrats and their dreams of world domination.

CO2 concentration has continued to rise. Despite all the bird-blending windmills, the useless electric autos, the huge hikes in the prices of fuel and power, the massive tax increases, the endless junkets in exotic seaside locations, the world is burning more fossil fuels than ever.

And global temperature responds by not responding.

The theory that our industrial activities would cause so much global warming as to be dangerous, rather than so little as to be beneficial, was wrong. It is dead. Deceased. It has passed away. It has crossed to the Other Side. Not lost but gone before. It is an ex-theory. We want our money back.

The globalization of groupthink has failed, big-time.

Nothing could be more fatal to the totalitarians. They cannot succeed in grabbing absolute power from elected hands in those nations still fortunate enough to have them, and transferring it to themselves, if everyone can see how catastrophically catastrophism has collapsed.

So like the pet-shop owner in the famous “Monty Python” dead-parrot sketch, on All Fools’ Eve the international pet-theory shop simply announced not only that their theory was not a dead theory but that they were more certain than ever that it was alive.

Unlike John Cleese, the world’s news media did not question them. It faithfully parroted what they said.

For the totalitarians who have been proven so spectacularly wrong, this had been a dangerous moment. If all the nations of the world had followed Canada’s lead in rejecting the environmentalist extremism of the climate panel, the entire movement to centralize global power in the unelected hands of a network of invisible but all-powerful entities beyond the reach of any court of civil or of criminal law might have failed.

If CO2 concentration continues to rise, and if global temperature continues not to rise at anything like the predicted rate, the soi-disant experts will have to admit they were wrong. And the governing class never admits it was wrong.

So the strategy is simple. Even though it is entirely clear to almost every one of the scientists who had originally promoted the climate scare that they had exaggerated prodigiously, very few will ever admit that. Instead, their strategy is to double down. At Yokohama they pretended that a crisis whose imagined magnitude they have in reality halved is more serious than ever.

For if they cannot stop CO2 concentration from rising, the failure of their theory will be visible to all, nothwithstanding the best efforts of the hard-left media to conceal the facts.

So the greatest lie ever told just got a whole lot bigger. And in that great lie lurks the greatest threat democracy has faced. It is all the greater because it is invisible. If – on this as on many other subjects – the news media will not publish the facts even when the facts demonstrate that the Party Line to which they slavishly subscribe is in substance false, how can the voters obtain sufficiently accurate information to make a mature decision?

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