(NEW YORK TIMES) KILLEEN, Tex. — In a little more than eight minutes, Specialist Ivan. A. Lopez fired at least 35 rounds at his fellow troops at Fort Hood, unleashing panic and bloodshed over two blocks on foot and from inside his vehicle as he killed three unarmed soldiers and wounded 16 others while they were sitting at desks, driving in a car and standing outside buildings, an Army official said Monday.

In the first detailed timeline since the shooting last Wednesday, the Army official described how Specialist Lopez, 34, stayed on the move throughout the rampage, driving in his own vehicle to three buildings — including his transportation unit’s headquarters and another office where he worked — shooting and killing a soldier in each. As he drove from building to building, he also fired at soldiers on the street and in a passing car, wounding several, before he was confronted by a police officer, put his gun to his head and took his own life, the official said.

All the while, he was one short mile from the site of the medical deployment center that was the scene of Fort Hood’s first mass shooting in 2009.

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