Life is strange.

Last Sunday, after my KSFO radio program, I saw a short report on the Internet that authorities were on the alert concerning an Army soldier who might be involved in an expected attack at Fort Hood, in Texas.

Fort Hood, again. It was the scene in 2009 of the largest attack on a domestic American military installation.

It was carnage committed with intent by a Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist – a Muslim angry about our involvement in the war on terrorism.

He killed 13 and wounded 30. The attack ended when police shot him.

He was left paralyzed from the waist down, and it took much too long for his trial, which finally found him guilty. He’s on death row at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

Who knows when he’ll be executed?

Remember, Barack Obama never condemned the shooting rampage for what it clearly was: Islamic terrorism directed at our military and our country.

He didn’t do it at the time of the killings, during the trial or after. It’s a safe bet he never will.

I thought about that and decided I’d write my next WND column – this one – about Fort Hood, the almost forgotten massacre and the fact the convicted killer is still alive.

What a perverted sense of justice this country has devolved into when, because of political correctness concerning militant Islam, we fear fully discussing a horrific crime and the real motives of the killer, to the point that the trial is delayed and the execution not discussed.

Then on Wednesday, it happened: another attack at Fort Hood. Three were killed and 16 wounded, but this time the perpetrator is also dead.

He blew himself away. Had he not, we’d be paying for his medical treatments, his trial and his prison room and board for the foreseeable future. Given the Hasan situation, it’s doubtful this man would ever have been executed. He took care of that.

Of course, now the debate will be endless as to why he did it.

Links with terrorism? That was the first question asked. Early information is negative.

Spc. Ivan Lopez was an Army truck driver from Puerto Rico. The 34 year old was in Iraq for four months but saw no combat. Despite that, it’s reported he told doctors he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He apparently was being treated for depression and anxiety and was being evaluated for PTSD. He’s been at Fort Hood since February.

There’s speculation that his mental condition, coupled with any drugs he was prescribed, led to his violence. Early news reports said he was using Ambien, a sleeping pill notorious for allowing users to do things they have no memory of.

Then we were told he was upset over only being allowed one day to go to his mother’s funeral. It was rarely reported that, in fact, his leave was extended by two days.

So much for that.

Then we were told he had unknown arguments with some other troops on the base and that set him off. No one has identified who those people were or what the arguments were about.

Maybe he was just unhappy about his life – two marriages, children from both, one divorce.

Maybe he was upset because he didn’t see combat in Iraq.

Maybe he wanted that experience and was depressed at not being able to see himself as a “warrior” rather than “just” a truck driver.

Hey, that’s as valid a speculation as any other, unless there’s a terrorist link we don’t know about.

Then again, given that Obama, his administration and a large number of the military do all they can to avoid the “T”-word, it’s doubtful it would be a factor in this case.

Will we just sweep this shooting into the dustbin of horrors that’s coming out of our attitude toward the military, to our enemies and to American patriots?

Nidal Hasan is alive despite a death sentence. His 13 victims are still dead.

His 30 wounded survive but are burdened for life with the horror of that day, as are the hundreds who were there and saw and heard the chaos.

But we’re all victims of those crimes because we’ve seen the deliberately delayed process of the justice system when the accused is a Muslim and the victims are not.

Fort Hood remains a talisman for domestic terrorism against the military, despite other instances of attempts by Islamic militants.

And now in the case of Ivan Lopez, the question is asked again: How could a single armed person wreak such havoc on a state-of-the-art military base?

The answer is simple yet bizarre.

Our military men and woman are denied the right to carry guns on the base.

Never mind that they’re trained, that they took an oath to defend the Constitution, that we send them into battle to use loaded weapons.

On a U.S. military base on U.S. soil, we disarm them.

Is it any wonder that someone with the urge to take some sort of perverted revenge against this country will take advantage of that situation?

It’s political correctness – the stupid belief from the Oval Office on down, that if you remove weapons of war, the bad guys will behave and leave us alone.

As a result, our military men and women are targets for anyone who wants to take aim.

But wait a minute.

Consider the enormity of that political correctness.

This administration has the goal of reducing, if not eliminating entirely, our nuclear weapon capability.

It seems Obama and the rest of them believe if we disarm, the bad guys – of whatever persuasion – will leave us alone.


I can hear them laughing at us now.

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