The Population Research Institute, an organization dedicated to showing the planet is not threatened by the world’s population, has posted a series of images online that demonstrate how China controls the number of children born.

It begins with “anti-child propaganda” in schools and workplaces, “then moves to open intimidation in banners and slogans posted in public places,” the organization says.

The communist government threatens women who have “illegal” children with the demolition of their homes and the confiscation of their assets.

The sign in the image above is translated by PRI: “If you should get sterilized and you don’t, you will be detained and prosecuted. If you should abort and do not abort, your house will be torn down and your cattle will be led away.”

The PRI report said this “kind of in-your-face propaganda, combined with strong-arm tactics on those who hold out, brings most women to heel. Then there are group pressure tactics, used in Liaoning province in northeastern China and elsewhere.”

PRI said that in these provinces, second births are allowed only if there are no illegal births. If even one illegal child is born, no second births are allowed, and women carrying second children are aborted.

Steve Mosher, PRI president, who lived in China and witnessed forced abortion, said it’s “hard to imagine the intense hostility, even hysteria, that these group pressure tactics would generate in a small, tightly knit rural community toward anyone who threatened to break the rules.”

Last month, as WND reported, a leading opponent of China’s one-child policy – which includes forced abortions – warned the United Nations that the communist nation has not “eased” its policy as it has claimed.

In an appearance at the U.N., Reggie Littlejohn, president of Womens Rights Without Frontiers, said reports abound that China has softened the one-child policy, giving the false impression that it has abandoned coercive family planning.

“It has not,” she told the U.N. bluntly. “Rather, China has merely lifted the ban on a second child, if either parent is an only child. This is not a wholesale ‘easing’ of the one-child policy. It is a minor adjustment.”

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Littlejohn noted that as recently as March 6, Li Bin, minister in charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, stated: “The basic family planning principle has not changed as the country is still the world’s most populous.’ She also stated that there is ‘no timetable for allowing every couple to have a second child.'”

WND reported late last year that even the government-controlled Chinese news agency admitted the announced change in China’s one-child policy would not significantly reduce violence against women and girls in the form of selective abortions.

Xinhua had said the one-child policy was being relaxed. The change would affect only a fraction of families, as it purportedly would allow a couple to have a second child if the husband or wife is an only-child. The previous requirement was that both husband and wife be only-children before a second child would be permitted.

Headlines worldwide immediately declared the policy was being relaxed.

But WND reported Littlejohn insisted the change was insignificant.

“While we are glad for the second babies who will be born under this adjustment, instituting a two-child policy in certain, limited circumstances will not end forced abortion or forced sterilization,” she said at the time.

Then a new Xinhua report confirmed Chinese officials believe that the “birth policy changes are no big deal.”

At the time, Wang Peian, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, told Xinhua that “the number of couples covered by the new policy is not very large across the country.”

Littlejohn had warned: “Regardless of the number of children allowed, women who get pregnant without permission will still be dragged out of their homes, strapped down to tables and forced to abort babies that they want, even up to the ninth month of pregnancy. It does not matter whether you are pro-life or pro-choice on this issue. No one supports forced abortion, because it is not a choice.”

In her warning to the U.N., she said: “While many women in the United States and internationally suffer from domestic violence while pregnant, only in China are women dragged out of their homes and forcibly aborted and sterilized by their government. China’s one-child policy causes more violence against pregnant women than any other official policy on earth and any other official policy in the history of the world. Forced abortion is official government rape.”

She also said the U.N. should investigate what goes on in China, noting that former Secretary of State Colin Powell found the UNFPA to be complicit with coercive family planning in China.

Littlejohn noted that the European Parliament passed a resolution strongly condemning forced abortion and involuntary sterilization in China and globally, citing Feng Jianmei, who was forcibly aborted at seven months in June 2012.

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See Women’s Rights Without Frontiers explain “gendercide,” the practice of killing selected unborn because of their gender:

Littlejohn said that as a consequence of gendercide, an estimated 37 million Chinese men will never marry “because their future wives were terminated before they were born.”

“This gender imbalance is a powerful, driving force behind trafficking in women and sexual slavery, not only in China, but in neighboring nations as well,” Littlejohn said.

More images released by PRI, with translation, of public threats by the government for not complying with the one-child policy:

"If it should be aborted, and is not aborted, your house will be destroyed and your cow will be taken."

"Even if you bleed enough to make a river, you must not give birth to an extra child!"

"Call back those who are located far away, dig out those who are hidden. Those who are pregnant outside the policy absolutely must have labor induced. Those who should be sterilized absolutely must be dragged down."

"If you are supposed to wear an IUD but don't, or are supposed to have your tubes tied but don't, you will be arrested on sight!"

””]The Population Research Institute is a nonprofit research group with the goal of exposing the myth of overpopulation. It also exposes human rights abuses committed in population control programs and makes the case that people are the world’s greatest resource.

With offices in Washington, D.C., and Lima, Peru, it also works to oppose abortion, euthanasia, artificial contraception and in support of traditional marriage and family friendly societies.

The organization says Mosher was the first person to document forced abortion in communist China as part of the nation’s coercive population control program.

“He witnessed the nightmare of population control when he was the first American social scientist to live in rural China in 1979-80. He saw pregnant women hunted down by population control police and subjected to forced abortion for violating China’s one-child-per-family law,” the group says.

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