There are two ways to look at Easter. One is from the human perspective. The other is from God’s perspective.

Humanity hungers for second chances. If something inside of ourselves doesn’t long for forgiveness over parts of our lives, others around us are usually happy to point out our need in this area.

For those of us who think about it deeply enough, we eventually come to understand that our primary offense isn’t against others. It is against God.

Humanity’s over-arching sin was our rebellion against God. That is when humanity aligned itself with a usurper. “Take and eat,” he told the woman in the Garden. “And you shall become like God.” And thus humanity sided with Satan. Our relationship with God as friend and confidante was ended.

From God’s perspective, humanity had thrown in its lot with the usurper. The Bible tells us that the usurper was Satan – God’s most powerful and intelligent created being. His boast was, “I will make myself like the Most High.”

But in God’s time, he handed out a second chance to humanity. It came by way of the Cross. Three days later, the gift was wrapped up and handed to us when Jesus walked out of that tomb.

No, God is not dead. Nor are his second chances.

But Easter is not the end of the story from God’s perspective. The created usurper, who caused God the Father the death of his begotten Son, has yet to pay the price.

Easter reminds us that humanity stands on two sides of a Great Divide. Those who accept God’s second chance and those aligned with Satan, who are intent on remaking God into their own fallen image, to cover over their sin.

On the one side of the Cross is the restoration of our created standing with God as he walks with us in the garden in the evening. On the other side of the Cross is God’s eternal anger and wrath, poured out for all of eternity upon those who sided with the usurper to dethrone God as head of his creation.

Easter reminds us that we are all eternal. Yet as we stand before the Cross, we face two very different eternities.

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