Scene from Movieguide Award-winning "Unplugged"

For the last several years, WND has been at the forefront of reporting the remarkable influence Christian artists have been having on the movie-making industry.

WND has been there, reporting from the red carpet of the annual Movieguide Awards Gala and interviewing stars like John Schneider, Kirk Cameron and Roma Downey, who are seeking to use their talents and connections to bring a message of God’s love through feature films.

Which is why WND is proud to make the award-winning film with a Christian message, “Grace Unplugged,” available on DVD from the WND SuperStore.

The winner of Movieguide’s coveted Epiphany Prize, “Grace Unplugged” is the story of a talented young singer who feels suffocated by her Christian father, but learns leaving God behind when she leaves home comes with even more troubling problems.

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A.J. Michalka of "Grace Unplugged"

Gold-record musician A.J. Michalka of Aly & A.J, who has also starred in films like “Secretariat” and J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8,” plays the role of the daughter in “Grace Unplugged,” a casting choice that reveals this is a Christian film committed to Hollywood quality.

In fact, WND’s movie critic called “Grace Unplugged” “a major step forward in Christian filmmaking” and “a movie worth praising,” in part, because “it brings real actors with mainstream experience to the roles (including actors from ‘The Pretender’ and ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Joan of Arcadia’ and ‘Twilight,’ ‘Secretariat’ and ‘Super 8,’ among others), rather than relying on church members to shoulder drama they can’t carry.”

WND caught up with A.J. Michalka on the red carpet in Hollywood and asked her if the Christian movie industry – which has long suffered from lower production values – is finally making movies that can compete with the big boys.

“It’s definitely making a mark – films like ‘Fireproof’ and everything Kirk Cameron has put out, ‘Grace Unplugged,'” Michalka said. “People like the work of [‘Grace Unplugged’ Producer and Director] Russ Rice and Brad Silverman, who are making really great, quality films that have an amazing message.

“Whether they know it or not, audiences are yearning for something that is deeper than just entertainment in that moment and then leaving the theater and not really feeling anything when they leave,” she continued. “I think people yearn for something that is going to teach them and help them grow in life – not just entertainment, but something that makes them think afterward, maybe start up a conversation that they might not have had. And that’s what movies like ‘Grace Unplugged’ are doing.”

The Dove Foundation awarded “Grace Unplugged” five out of five Doves and said, “We would award it more if we could. It is a well-made inspirational story and features good writing, acting, music; the whole works. Don’t miss this one!”

“Every once in a while a movie comes along that captures the hearts of viewers without being overly flashy, raunchy, or raw. Honest and unpretentious, ‘Grace Unplugged’ is just that,” added Chris Carpenter of CBN. “Grace Unplugged’ is an honest yet realistic portrayal of what many parents face when trying to cultivate a child’s talent and desire for God. It is inspiring, thought provoking, and avoids being self-righteous or preachy. It is a must see for any Christian parent.”

Watch the trailer for “Grace Unplugged” below:

Get your copy of “Grace Unplugged” from the WND SuperStore now!

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