A massive campaign to keep tens of thousands students home from school when the “gay”-promoting Day of Silence is held Friday is gearing up again this year.

“Just walk out,” advises Save California, one of many organizations offering parents a way to respond to the politicization of public school classrooms.

The “Day of Silence” is organized for public schools by the private activist group Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The group purports to call attention to the plight of homosexuals by having students, teachers, school administrators and others remain silent for a day of public school.

However, critics charge the activity disrupts the learning process on that day. Advocates for the traditional view of sexuality oppose it, recommending that students stay home or distribute brochures with the truth about homosexuality during that time.

The “Day of Silence” Walkout website urges parents to contact the principals of their children’s middle or high school and ask this question: “Do you permit students to refuse to speak during class on the Day of Silence?”

If the principal says students will be permitted to refuse to speak in class, the group urges parents to keep their children home that day.

“You might also inform your principal that teachers have a legal right to require students to speak in class and that students have no legal right to refuse to speak if called on to answer a question, give a speech, or participate in a debate, group project, or other activity,” the website says.

Parents are advised they can keep their children home and “do not have to sit by and passively accept this political action in the class.”

The boycotters contend the ultimate goal of GLSEN and promoters of the Day of Silence “is to eradicate conservative moral beliefs.”

“And they are using public schools to achieve that end, thus transforming education into indoctrination.”

The coalition against the Day of Silence includes Abiding Truth Ministries, American Family Association, AFA Michigan, AFA Pennsylvania, Americans for Truth, Capitol Resource Institute, Citizens for Community Values, Coalition of Conscience, Community Issues Council, CWA of Florida, CWA of Hawaii, CWA of Ohio, CWA of Texas South, CWA of Illinois, CWA of Washington, Don Feder Associations, Faith2Action, Faith, Family & Freedom Alliance, Good News Communications, Illinois Family Institute, Informing Christians, Jimmy Z Show, Liberty Counsel, MassResistance, Matt Abbott, Mission: America, Montana Family Association, Sandy Rios and Save California.

Save California offers parents the flyer promoting the boycott.

“Parents, take charge,” it says. “Keep your child HOME from public school Friday, April 11, 2014.

“You don’t have to put up with the ‘Day of Silence’ stunt. Exercise your right to keep your child home,” the brochure explains.

Save California said school districts “that allow this immoral-agenda ‘silence’ need to be rebuked by loss of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funds.”

“Consider that this pro-perversity ‘silence’ is in addition to the 10 sexual indoctrination laws already on the California books.”

The Illinois Family Institute says it’s “naïve” to think “public schools value diversity, honor all voices, foster critical thinking, and remain neutral on controversial social issues.”

“Many parents have no idea the extent to which pro-homosexuality propaganda pervades our schools,” the group said. “Keep their children home on the Day of Silence is an easy, safe way for parents to express to school administrations.”

A commentary from Illinois Family Institute said: “Here’s something else parents don’t know: Many teachers – including even some on the political left – dislike the Day of Silence because it disrupts the school day and requires them to create or revise plans to accommodate student silence.”

The nonprofit group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays suggest that students and parents hand out flyers that explain that homosexuals need to respect others’ perspectives, too.

“Homosexual activists and their supporters use this day to promote anti-heterosexual and ex-gay misinformation,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “They cite false medical and mental health information that endangers our youth by downplaying or ignoring serious risks. Meanwhile, students who support homosexual behavior volunteer to remain silent. GLSEN includes ‘straight’ in its title to refer only to heterosexuals who affirm homosexual behavior.”

Griggs said that since “members of gay-affirming clubs agree to remain silent for the day, April 11 is the ideal time to distribute ex-gay information in the true spirit of tolerance as supporters seek respect and affirmation for ex-gays.”

“PFOX is calling on students, parents and educators across our nation to distribute flyers promoting acceptance of the ex-gay community and the full facts about sexual orientation.”

She said the campaign urges tolerance for all.

“Equality exists when ex-gay organizations have equal access to students. Right now, homosexual groups have a virtual monopoly in schools to press their viewpoint on sexual orientation. Students deserve to hear the truth about ex-gays and the real hope for change for those who want it.”

A recommended letter for parents to let school officials know about their concerns states: “Day of Silence participants have a First Amendment right to wear T-shirts, and if other extracurricular clubs put up posters and set up tables from which to distribute materials, ‘gay-straight alliances’ have that right also. The Day of Silence participants go further, however, by exploiting the instructional time of every student in every class for an entire day in the service of their philosophical beliefs and partisan political purposes. Their silence, and in some cases, the silence of their teachers, transform the activities of the day.”

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