A recent poll indicates that by a 53/42 majority homosexuals are better regarded than evangelical Christians among a key portion of the electorate. This is all the more remarkable when one considers that homosexuals make up somewhere between 2 and 3 percent of the population.

Certainly, this is a staggering accomplishment by homosexual activists, who infiltrated so many of the leading-edge cultural institutions over the years, labored in the closet so-to-speak and have now come out openly in so many areas of society.

It also represents a staggering failure of the American Christian church to sit on both sides of the fence without being impaled by that position.

The mainline protestant churches ran around like spiritual Chicken Littles, loudly proclaiming, “God loves everybody! Come and worship your deity of choice with us!”

The evangelicals were more circumspect, proclaiming that “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.”

Yet it is the Catholic Church that bears the scars of its clandestine affair with homosexuality in the priesthood, both its lost credibility and its financial well-being. It stands before us as a silent witness.

The Christian church (in all its separate splinters) has been shell-shocked from its unwitting involvement in the culture wars. In this condition it has largely retreated inside of itself. This makes it an easy target for both Satan and the world.

God, of course, is not the Christian church. God is who he is, and he does what he does. He created the church against unspeakable odds during the Roman empire. It grew upon the blood of its martyrs. The church prevailed and became Western civilization, with its blessings of individual freedom and accountable government, because to God unspeakable odds are meaningless.

So when the church’s mission has been completed, it would only make sense for it to fade into the background. God loves it no less for its failure. But what, then, lies ahead?

As so often happens in life, victory is not always what it appears. The church’s journey into cultural obscurity has not brought about the secular nirvana the anti-Christians were praying for.

Rather, wealth and power have been consolidated among a corrupt corporate and political elite. The middle class is being ground down into the dust of economic oblivion, under a government machine that grows without end. The welfare rolls increase unceasingly. In most major cities, public education is a sick, self-serving activity targeting the underclass for attendance but being played out against the taxpayers via the powerful teachers’ unions.

Crime syndicates offer the best employment opportunities for “youth” in the major cities. Corporate chieftains clamor for ever more overseas workers to be brought into the country to address the skills shortage and keep wages down. Medical patients are now trying to deal with a medical system rapidly becoming comatose from the bureaucratic “healing” delivered by a corrupt, paid-off Congress and power-hungry executive.

All these things the Christian church at one time in its past spoke forcefully against. As its voice in the culture is silenced, the law has attempted to replace it. More laws, more agency regulations, more bureaucracy to enforce them, more police to intimidate or arrest offenders and confiscate their property. More courts, jails, judges and prisons. But at least those pesky, moralizing Christians no longer bother us with their hateful speech.

And so it goes. Yet another culture falls into the classic yet fatal mistake of believing that power will not quickly expand to fill a vacuum.

The church has failed. The culture has failed. But God is who he is, and he does what he does. The stage is being set now for the final act.

Armageddon Story. Reconnaissance is only the first step.

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