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Learn to have 'Shalom in your home'

Pastor Jim Staley of St. Charles, Mo., says a friend of his once asked his Jewish accountant whether the man’s Jewish or Christian clients made more money.

The accountant reportedly laughed and said, “Jewish people, of course! Ten to one.”

But what makes the difference, his friend inquired.

The accountant picked up a Bible off his desk and said, “You see this Bible? You Christians read the back of the book, but all the financial principles are in the front of the book.”

The concept – that the Old Testament contains keys to successful living missed out upon by those who only read the “back of the book,” the New Testament – has led Pastor Staley to discover that not only businessmen, but also children and families can all benefit from the secrets to successful relationships found in the Old Testament.

Applying the Word of God from the Hebrew Scriptures, Staley says, is the key to “Shalom [the Hebrew word for ‘peace’] in your home.”

“Almost every problem I have ever seen in marriage or business success or lack of success,” Staley says, “can be traced back to an ancient principle that they don’t know.”

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Pastor Jim Staley

Staley, founder of Passion for Truth Ministries, expounds on this understanding in an interview with Sid Roth of the television program “It’s Supernatural!” which appears on hundreds of television stations and networks, including TBN and the Discovery Channel, as well as each week on WND TV.

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“We are so excited that the Father is giving us this platform to get His message out,” Staley’s ministry announced in a statement. “During this interview, Pastor Jim shares vital biblical principles of conflict resolution for successful relationships. These principles are the ‘ancient keys’ to unlocking the abundance of God’s favor for your family, friends and even strangers!”

The interview will be airing from April 21-April 27, 2014, at various times on various stations around the world, but can be seen on WND TV right now by clicking here.

Staley’s Passion for Truth is a ministry with the stated mission of “doing Bible things in Bible ways and going beyond the traditions and doctrines of men and getting back to the Christian Roots of our faith. We do this in part by looking at the Scriptures from the original authors’ perspective. To find our true identity in the Messiah we take seriously the study of His Word, rightly dividing it in its original context, and living out His truth in the faith and love of Yeshua (Jesus) through establishing strong, healthy individuals, families and ultimately through the context of a strong healthy local congregation.”

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