For all their ballyhooing that they are champions of diversity, women and minorities, liberals prove to be just the opposite.

Take, for instance, the defamation of Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., at the hands of NAACP North Carolina President William Barber II. Barber accused the black conservative senator of being a “ventriloquist dummy” and serving as a mouthpiece for the “extreme right wing” tea party. Really? So if a black conservative dares to swim upstream and embrace American exceptionalism, champion free enterprise and encourage black college students to think for themselves, he gets branded as a dummy. Makes no sense.

How in the world does belittling a respected black U.S. senator serve the NAACP’s motto of “advancement of colored people”? Such vilification advances monolithic groupthink, reveals – yet again – the true feelings of the NAACP regarding conservatives and, consequently, shows Barber to be their “ventriloquist dummy.”

Remember when Rep. Alan Grayson compared the tea party to the KKK? Where was NAACP President Ben Jealous? Where was the Congressional Black Caucus? Did we hear a peep from Jesse Jackson? Not one black liberal decried Grayson’s insulting racial comments. In fact, Al Sharpton had the gall to interview Grayson on his TV show, not once reprimanding Grayson’s use of inflammatory imagery reminiscent of a terribly racist era against blacks.

Former Rep. Allen West boldly took Grayson to task; however, West is a black conservative. Therefore, liberals dismiss his outrage as nothing more than another black tea-party puppet, their default response when a black conservative speaks or stands for principles.

And let’s not get started on liberal trashing of Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Condoleezza Rice and Ben Carson, exceptional leaders and professionals who champion national security, economic growth, family values and constitutional principles. They are shining examples of women and minorities who achieved the American dream.

Why are they blacklisted among liberals?

In a word, conservatism.

The liberal agenda in mainstream society among women and children is harrowing. One only needs to look at Planned Parenthood. The national abortion mill preys on black women in particular by establishing clinics very close to predominately poor black neighborhoods as well as schools. Black women who live in poverty are taught that abortion is a form of birth control. Half of all black babies are aborted. Oh, but if a woman living in poverty decides to keep her baby, well, then the government will pick up the tab courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. No worries.

Liberals purport that their policies and social programs liberate women and minorities. What’s liberating about cradle to grave government welfare? Liberal policy doesn’t liberate; it denigrates. It stifles economic, social, mental and emotional growth. It halts life both inside and outside the womb.

Tell me how that’s not trashing women or minorities.

Yet, liberals like to have it that way. They need poor victims; they need low-info/no-info voters; they need MTV mindsets to keep their brand of liberalism alive and well.

Liberals lie to minorities and women, portraying conservatives as out-of-touch and dated and racist. Conservatives want to give a hand up, not a hand out. We want to champion the person, not their problems. We see a light at the end of the tunnel and want others to see it as well!

The end game is always the same for liberals: advancing liberalism, especially at the expense of conservatism, taking cheap and demeaning shots at successful, great individuals – who happen to be conservative – and halting genuine progress that flies in the face of sullied, harmful liberal propaganda.

Liberals are trapped by their own party ideologies and typically trash those who oppose their mantra. Theoretically, liberals promulgate their ideologies against the goodwill of the people. Conservatives are the voice of We the People. Liberals are the voice of Control the People.

Women and minorities have flourished due to conservative legislation, but have suffered under liberal policy. And since the goal of liberals is to make more radical converts at any expense, they trash the very ones they claim to champion, all the while acting like they don’t.

I’m a woman and a minority, and I’m happy to represent godly conservative core values and constitutional principles over liberal trash.

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