The frustration some of those who are knowledgeable about foreign policy have with President Obama’s dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin are erupting.

Over Obama’s ability to “negotiate” over Ukraine.

“I think President Obama really believes – President Obama believes you can negotiate with cancer tumors. He is a fool and a weakling and sanctions could have hurt. Real sanctions,” said Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters in an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor this week.

Peters, according to his Army biography, should be versed in many issues relating to foreign policy.

The Army explains he’s been a writer, strategist, commentator and author of 24 books. He’s been in 70 countries on six continents. He served in military intelligence units before he was a Foreign Area Officer specializing in Russia and its neighbors.

“He accepts no defense industry or political funding. He supports himself with his pen,” the biography explains.

So his frustration comes from a perspective that the United States could be doing better than it is.

The interview began with O’Reilly saying he believes the Ukrainian government is going to fight.

“They’re not going to fold, they’re going to go in and fight these guys. So, that gives Putin an excuse to roll in. But is the world going to watch the slaughter – the Russians are going to slaughter the Ukrainian forces? Is the world is going to watch? You think that’s going to happen?”

Responded Peters, “Well the problem for the Ukrainian government is they don’t want to fire on their own people. So, the special operators, paratroopers, GRU agents that Putin sent in has surrounded themselves with local thugs, a ring of local thugs, and then with a ring of people who are, you know, civilians but sympathize with Russia. The demonstration numbers are small, but these Ukrainian soldiers, young soldiers, don’t want to fire on their own people. But, the Russians are perfectly happy to fire on the Ukrainians.”

He continued, “The Ukrainians are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they do open fire that gives Putin an excuse to go in. If they don’t open fire, Putin has already got what he wants. I mean, he is – we’ve watched him as Obama pleads – ‘Please, Mr. Putin, please talk, let’s talk, let’s negotiate.’ Putin has first taken over administrative buildings in three cities. Now he is up to 11 cities in major towns. His thugs all over the place and we’re pretending that somehow negotiations are going to get Putin out. Well they didn’t get him out in Crimea.”

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