It’s no secret that the left tends to be totalitarian in nature. Whether it was Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Russia, Castro’s Cuba or Mao’s China, there’s nothing that pleases a progressive more than a dictator with his boot on the neck of those they regard as a lower form of animal life: namely, conservatives.

We can now add Obama’s America to the long and dismal list. Whether it’s using the IRS to punish his political foes, the Justice Department to spy on members of the press, the State Department to provide cover for the Benghazi massacre, or his own executive power to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by altering the Affordable Care Act on a weekly basis, Obama has decided it’s good to be the dictator.

Unfortunately, we only have Republicans opposing this naked grab of power. Heck, during his State of the Union address, the House Democrats actually gave him a standing ovation when he announced that in the future he would ignore his constitutional restraints and legislate from the Oval Office.

Still, there are people who insist that if you oppose Obama’s agenda, it means you’re a racist. A sane person just wants to shake them until the marbles in their head sound like castanets. Do they actually believe that if a white person – say Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton – had given us five years of rising debt, a stagnant economy, coddled our enemies, betrayed our allies and saddled us with a disastrous health care plan, we’d be donning our party hats and dancing in the streets?

On the other hand, if Obama weren’t black, would so many Americans have ignored his promise in 2008 to destroy the oil and coal industries and to redistribute our wealth in ways reminiscent of Lenin and Stalin? Also, if he weren’t black, wouldn’t his vow to personally lower the ocean and heal the planet have been viewed as the ravings of a madman?

I grant that not voting for someone simply because he’s black is racist. But how is voting for him because he’s black not also racist?

But Obama isn’t the only one exhibiting totalitarian instincts. In 2008, Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign here in California. Like the majority of the voters at the time, he believed that marriage should involve one man and one woman. For what it’s worth, it just so happens that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton shared that rational view.

But this is 2014, and although they don’t really mind being on the wrong side of history, liberal politicians don’t want to be on the wrong side of homosexuals, who have a great deal of disposable income with which to promote the campaigns of their favorite butt-kissers.

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Once Mr. Eich was promoted to the position of CEO at Mozilla, the tech company he helped found, the homosexual termites crawled out of the woodwork, demanding his head on a pike. Within days, Mozilla’s board of directors, who could easily pass for a gang of jackals, if jackals wore suits and lacked spines, demanded and received Eich’s resignation. Not too surprisingly, those Mozilla executives who donated to Obama or Clinton back in 2008 remain gainfully employed.

In 2008, I wrote that the homosexuals who were invading church services and threatening those who had merely taken advantage of their First Amendment rights were not only fascist thugs, but cowards. I came to that conclusion because although the vote was fairly even among whites, the reason Prop 8 passed was because the black vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the bill. And yet, for all their moral outrage, the gays didn’t dare disrupt services in a black church or confront black business owners for fear of the physical consequences.

No matter how often they get their way because of gutless judges and legislators, liberals are never content to rest on their laurels. Whether the issue is same sex marriage, abortions or unions, leftists never leave their jackboots at home. For instance, simply because Gov. Scott Walker had the temerity to oppose ever-increasing pensions for Wisconsin’s public service unions, he, his wife and his children all received death threats.

Let a conservative be invited to speak on a college campus –whether it’s former Secretary of State Condi Rice, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, an Israeli diplomat or someone representing the anti-abortion movement – one can fully expect that campus liberals, CAIR or feminists will either see to it that the invitation is rescinded or disrupt the address with catcalls and demonstrations. They know all too well that gutless college administrators won’t dare expel them.

Speaking of the cesspool that academia has become over the past few decades, the University of Michigan promoted a pro-choice exhibit with a sign that announced “Abortion is a Gift from God.” My assumption is that the God they had in mind was either named Barack Obama or Baal.

Speaking of religious lunacy, a furor was set off because Iran appointed a known jihadist to be its ambassador to the U.N. Frankly, except for Guantanamo or a casket, I can’t think of a more appropriate destination for a Muslim terrorist.

Besides, who are we to cast stones? Here in America, as you may have noticed, we not only send our own native-born terrorists – people like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis – to college, we give them tenure!

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