The story of Noah, the Flood, the animals and the salvation of mankind is headed for more than 190 different nations through television networks, according to the creators of the video product.

No, it’s not “Noah,” the $130 million Hollywood epic starring Russell Crowe, it’s Noah and the Last Days,” spearheaded by evangelist Ray Comfort.

Comfort’s movied has been taken up by 14 Christian television networks, including NRB, TLN, TBN, Daystar and INSP, Comfort told WND.

“Despite all the problems and controversy with Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah,’ it has been good for us – because it’s made the story of Noah topical,” Comfort said. “Their version was a fantasy, ours is based on truth. Their bottom line is to make money, our bottom line is for people to freely find everlasting life through the gospel.”

The 28-minute movie is more than entertainment, he said. It looks at 10 prophecies about what the Bible calls the “last days.”

“We are delighted that these networks want to air ‘Noah.’ People are interested in the future and that’s probably the No. 1 reason this has drawn so much interest across the world … even in Australia,” he said.

Details about the movie are online at a synopsis page and at a site including details of the project.

See Ray Comfort’s “Noah and the Last Days” and get Larry Stone’s “Noah: The Real Story.’

Comfort’s project, “Noah and the Last Days,” goes beyond retelling the tale of the famous Ark builder to show how the ancient story applies to both today and the near future, which Comfort says is being revealed through biblical prophecies, indicating the return of Jesus Christ is coming soon.

Hollywood], has said, has ‘no qualms about sensationalizing the story of Noah in order to make it more profitable.”

“That’s their bottom line,” Comfort told ASSIST News about the Paramount picture. “But the movie strays so far from the biblical account that it omits its essential message: God’s judgment for man’s sin and evil. Taking ‘poetic license’ on this story further erodes the public’s perception of the biblical account and of the Bible in general.

“That’s why we produced our version of Noah, which looks at him from a different perspective,” Comfort continued. “We reveal 10 undeniable Bible prophecies that link to Noah, and show that we are living in what the Bible calls ‘the last days.'”

Supporting Comfort’s project is another by author Larry Stone, whose “Noah: The Real Story” also is just on the scene.

Stone told WND the differences between Hollywood’s “Noah” and the Bible’s Noah are no surprise. Last fall Paramount decided to hold test screenings – over the vehement objections of the director – to see if the movie would appeal to Christian viewers. The blog Beginning and End stated: “It’s clear that ‘Noah’ is not a Christian film.”

Stone, who has also has written “The Story of the Bible” and “Women of the Bible,” said that the story of Noah and the Ark has been filmed many times, and usually the biblical story is a framework on which the writer and director can hang their own story with their own viewpoint. One of the first talkies – “Noah’s Ark” – mixed up Noah with Moses, Samson and even the Sermon on the Mount.

Stone insists there’s a greater lesson behind the biblical account of Noah that Hollywood’s version of the tale misses completely.

“When Noah was warned of disaster, God told him how to survive the Great Flood,” Stone writes in “Noah: The Real Story.”

What can people do now to survive the end of the world that both futurists and the Bible say is coming?

“Noah’s secret on how to survive the end of the world is to watch, be ready, and choose now which side you are on … who you will believe and serve,” Stone writes.

He quotes Christian author C.S. Lewis, who wrote: “God will invade … When that happens, it is the end of the world. When the author walks on to the stage the play is over. God is going to invade, all right, but … this time it will be God without disguise; something so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irresistible horror into every creature.”

Comfort said his movie”Noah” already has had some three-quarters of a million viewers on the Web.

Watch a trailer for “Noah and the Last Days”:

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