Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh was back on the air after surgery to receive another cochlear implant.

He talked about the book “Capital” by Thomas Piketty, who some are hailing as the new Karl Marx. Limbaugh wasted no time demolishing Piketty’s notions about “the 1 percent” and the supposed need to redistribute wealth in order to tackle “income inequality” (Free audio).

“Who’s gonna make these determinations of who gets what?” Limbaugh asked. “Who’s gonna make these determinations of what we all need to be equal? The same people who brought us Obamacare? The same people who run the DMV? The same people running the climate-change movement? … The people that can routinely get a CEO fired for giving a thousand dollars to a proposition that says marriage is that between a man and a woman?”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage granted a rare interview this week with Tom Donahue, host of the TSL Talks podcast. The pair talked about Savage’s phenomenal leap in popularity since his show’s move to afternoon drive time (Free audio).

Back behind his own microphone, Savage praised the U.S. Supreme Court for “knocking down affirmative action.”

“The court recognized the peoples’ right to control their own destiny,” he said, “and a gang of lawyers has no right to overturn what the people voted for.

“When it comes to affirmative action, I said this 30 years ago: Without quality, there can be no equality, and the only way to guarantee quality is to avoid rigging the system using affirmative action” (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Another book making headlines is “Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution,” written by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Among other things, Stevens wants to rewrite the Second Amendment to make it much harder for Americans to own firearms.

As an antidote to Stevens’ toxic ideas, respected columnist Cal Thomas recommends Mark Levin’s newest work, “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.”

Thomas writes, “Mark Levin’s book is far more in line with the Founders’ thinking than is Stevens’ approach to the Constitution. Unlike the Founders, Stevens apparently has never seen an area where government should not stick its nose.”

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Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision undermining affirmative action, Levin called such programs “racist” on his radio show this week.

“We have no control over our skin color,” Levin pointed out. “We are Americans, all of us. They keep dividing us along this line or that line. It’s un-American.”

Glenn Beck

Beck has been critical of rancher Cliven Bundy ever since his battle with the federal government started making headlines.

After Bundy uttered remarks that the New York Times and others are calling “racist,” Beck called the rancher “unhinged from reality” (Free audio).

“He’s often wondered if black people would be better off as slaves?” Beck said. “End your relationship. End your relationship. If that doesn’t end your relationship with him, you have to go back and question where did you go wrong. You wondered if blacks were better off as slaves picking cotton and having a family life? They didn’t have a family life!”

Beck also revealed what happened after he’d passed a priceless gift along to then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney, via his son Josh.

“I never got a thank-you note,” Beck explained. “And I understand how things go … people send me stuff all the time, and I can’t write a thank-you note … however, this was George Washington’s farewell address, first edition” (Free audio).

After he talked about the incident on his radio show, Mitt Romney got in touch with Beck.

“I’m afraid that when you learn the reason I failed to send you a note, you will be even less happy,” Romney wrote, telling Beck that he’d never received the “precious book” – and no one in his circle could find it anywhere.

Beck was crushed but also praised Romney.

“Most people would have said, ‘I wrote you a note! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened.'” Beck said. “He didn’t even lie and say, ‘We got so busy, and it’s so great!’ He went the hardest possible route [and admitted it got misplaced] … his integrity and his personal sense of duty, I really like.”

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