It’s a crazy situation: Conservative-minded Americans – people who a generation ago were part of the “Reagan Revolution,” and today might identify with the “tea party” – are caught up in not just one, but two civil wars.

The first conflict everyone knows about: America is more polarized today than at any time in the last century.

Arrayed on one side are the forces for limited government, free-market capitalism and traditional morality, people who believe less government means more freedom, and that the “American Dream” depends primarily on self-governing, moral and religious people. Members of this side self-identify predominantly as Republicans.

On the other side are those who consider the first group to be unfair, unjust, unfeeling, selfish, intolerant, racist and predatory – and maybe evil. It is this side, which looks to government to solve virtually all problems, that currently dominates American government, media, education and culture. Members of this side self-identify overwhelmingly as Democrats.

That’s War No. 1.

At the same time, while the Democratic Party is largely unified, the Republican Party – as documented in the April issue of Whistleblower magazine – is embroiled in yet another civil war, within itself!

Titled “THE WAR FOR THE GOP: How conservatives plan to take over the Republican Party and stop the Obama juggernaut,” it features people ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity and Phyllis Schlafly to Richard Viguerie, Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farah and Patrick Buchanan, who together map out the path to victory.

“In this issue, Whistleblower covers the GOP war from the front lines,” says David Kupelian, vice president and managing editor of, “and we’re not taking any prisoners.”

Indeed, here’s how Richard Viguerie, one of the key people responsible for Ronald Reagan’s sweeping victories in the 1980s, puts it in this issue of Whistleblower: “For over a hundred years, we conservatives have had our political guns trained on the wrong target. We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, big-government Democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is the progressive, big-government Republicans.”

Highlights of “THE WAR FOR THE GOP” include:

  • “Cruz: Establishment GOP can’t handle the truth” by Garth Kant, who explains why, according to the tea party’s favorite senator, his straight talk makes establishment Republicans’ “heads explode”
  • “God and the GOP” by David Kupelian, on what to do about those vexing “social issues” during a crucial election year
  • “What do this year’s midterm elections really mean?” by Joseph Farah, who shows why action to assure America gets quality leaders must take place now, not in November
  • “How the tea party became the real GOP” by Richard Viguerie, who says, “It is hard for conservatives to understand that establishment Republicans are the enemy”
  • “Newly formed ‘Takeover Super PAC’ riles establishment”
  • “Hannity offers ‘major course correction’” by Art Moore. With America at ‘a tipping point,’ top talker’s plan features simple, commonsense solutions
  • Q&A with Sean Hannity, who explains: “Republicans are spending their time reacting to Democrats instead of inspiring a whole new class of potential conservatives”
  • “Amnesty: Suicide for the conservative movement” by Phyllis Schlafly, on repeated polls that prove most immigrants are simply more liberal than native-born Americans
  • “What real women want” by Gina Loudon, in which this top tea party activist reveals the truth about politics and the fairer sex
  • “Will Obamacare be the death of liberalism?” by Patrick J. Buchanan, who says it may “cost Democrats the Senate in 2014” and “eviscerate the defining idea of the Democratic Party”
  • “A note to ‘fiscal conservatives’ from a social conservative” by Dennis Prager, on why libertarianism can never work without morality and religion
  • “Obama sets the stage for a GOP conservative” by Jerome Corsi, on how to elect right-thinking people in 2014 and beyond
  • “It’s the primaries, stupid!” by Richard Viguerie, who warns that for over a century, conservatives have been aiming at the wrong target.

“This November’s election and the one in 2016 are the last station stops before this train called America goes off the cliff,” said Kupelian. “I advise WND readers to get on board by reading and sharing this issue as widely as they can.”

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