Springtime is here. The birds are singing, temperatures are on the rise and the Occupy movement is emerging from winter hibernation, calling for a worldwide “wave of action” Friday to re-launch anti-capitalism protests.

Occupiers have been instructed by the movement’s official Twitter feed to congregate at Zuccotti Plaza in New York City Friday morning. The plan is to march to nearby Federal Plaza.

Zuccotti was the stronghold of Occupy Wall Street the last two years.

An associated Facebook page announced a protest against the “regressive 1% agenda of Governor Andrew Cuomo and for a truly progressive one that includes the basic needs and human and environmental rights of the people.”

Similar calls for Friday protests were issued by Occupy Philly and Occupy DC.

The waveofaction.org website announces a “Worldwide #WaveOfAction” that begins Friday and runs through July 4 with participation from local Occupy groups and the Anonymous organization.

Activist David Swanson, an early Occupy organizer, wrote on his blog the Springtime Occupy re-emergence “should have crowds of DiFi (Dianne Feinstein) masks (the one person Sen. Dianne Feinstein objects to spying on).”

Swanson said a “new Occupy should hold joint events in the United States and Russia,”

The movement, he said, should demand “peace from both governments, nuclear disarmament, and investment of those nuclear dollars in defense against real threats, like climate change, disease, and guns.”

With additional research by Brenda J. Elliott.

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