When, establishment GOP, will you get it?

You don’t get to shove candidates down our throats anymore. We aren’t going to sit down for it anymore.

Gone are the days when you get to trot out Karl Rove like a fairy princess to have him wave his magic wand over the heads of the “yes men” GOP and get what you want.

And let’s talk about what you want.

The political elite in both parties want one thing – yes men (and women). They want to be able to tell a lobbyist they can deliver votes and then deliver them. The lobbyists’ livelihoods depend on it, and the GOP’s credibility with the lobbyists (and their purse strings) depends on it.

The power brokers in Washington, D.C., have their tentacles in state governments around the country, and they love having control of my state, California.

Both the GOP establishment and the Dems depend on big-government spending, so they love people like Gov. Jerry Brown. Sure, the GOP would prefer to have their empty suit in that office, but a big-spending liberal comes in as a close second.

What neither party wants are candidates who would actually stop the out-of-control spending and the rampant corruption that the establishment on both sides has been building and taking advantage of for decades.

That is why someone like Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is a pure, unmitigated threat.

They’re right. He is a threat. He is a threat to everything that is wrong with politics. He is a threat to the consistent losses the GOP multi-million-dollar consultants accomplish cycle after cycle. He is a threat to the hell this country is headed for if someone like Tim doesn’t grab the power from those who abuse it.

No doubt. He is dangerous. Especially if you suckle at the breast of power and corruption.

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The establishment just can’t risk having guys like Tim who are real people, real taxpayer candidates, not beholden to big business, lobbyists or Wall Street. Tim is what D.C. elite fear most. He votes on principle, he votes for us, often he votes alone. In fact, he votes “no” more than any other legislator in California, because he understands that government is too big. He votes in line with the U.S. Constitution.

This is crazy talk in a bow-down business that only understands and communicates compliance within a long-established power structure. The Constitution is irrelevant when it comes to money and power in politics. The rule of law is but a stump speech. But not for Tim.

Tim cast the sole vote in the California legislature against banning sales of Confederate flags in the state.

That is some feel good, bleeding heart, politically correct legislation right there! How could he vote against it? Those of us who live in reality outside the political echelon wonder how so many Republicans and Democrats could hock our sacrosanct First Amendment rights for their political correctness. I may hate your speech, but as the saying goes, I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Those who know the Bill of Rights (probably about 2 percent of the country) know why he voted no. He probably has never owned a Confederate flag and, and might personally refuse to support a store that sells them. I don’t know or care what Assemblyman Donnelly’s personal opinion on the Confederate flag might be. I care that he respects the rule of law, and doesn’t think he is above it. He understands a citizen’s fundamental First Amendment right to free speech, and he doesn’t take the power entrusted to him as a legislator as some sort of free pass to override a citizens’ right to free speech, even when it feels good or makes him look noble.

A noble leader willing to trounce liberties is a damned tyrant.

Those of us willing to rise up and defend liberty understand this, but those aspiring to power rarely care. Tim does, and he is willing to go it alone if necessary. That tells me all I need to know about him.

But he doesn’t always go it alone. In a state with Democrat supermajorities and a Democrat governor, he has passed several pieces of legislation. One of which is his legislation that bars state employees from aiding the federal government in indefinitely detaining terrorism suspects. He took a liberty-based issue that reached across party lines and passed it with the help of Democrats who previously has been some of his biggest opponents in the assembly.

Another Donnelly bill championed by Democrats and passed into law streamlined the process for which those who are wrongfully convicted of crimes are compensated by the state.

Tim has been running for governor of California for more than a year. Then true to form, the power-hungry elite threw in an unvetted, last-minute puppet candidate as the GOP nominee, a grown man who voted for Obama over Romney. Really? Consider a trained financier who worked in George Bush’s Treasury Department who could not see the danger to our economy of electing Obama?

In their cowardly, self-serving move, they diminished the chances of actually winning the California governorship. We hear the tired “electability” argument used to justify another milquetoast empty suit. You know the Rovian argument well. An East Coast elite pro-Obama, who is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, other-than-Caucasian, will somehow steal independent voters in a head-to-head match with Jerry Brown and his expected $30 million war chest.

The Democrats are gleeful.

How soon we forget that Reagan gave people a choice and pulled pro-life Catholics, pro-gun labor unionists, Southern Democrats as he trounced Carter and devastated Mondale, winning 48 states with an unbeatable coalition.

The establishment really does not care, because to lose to a Democrat who at least bows down to the power structure is still better for the establishment than someone who bucks it like Tim Donnelly.

They don’t care that Kashkari misled voters about a Shariah finance conference, or that he is the father of TARP.

They only care that he will do their bidding in the party. The son of Indian immigrants is already running a well-funded TV campaign showing that he knows how to swing an ax and split logs. As if.

Donnelly has demonstrated that he is not only willing to stand alone for the Bill of Rights, but he initiated the “Bring Hollywood Home” bill to return the entertainment business to California, garnering the endorsement of Hollywood A-listers like Rob Schneider. He has fought against the “Bathroom Bill” that lets hormonal teenage boys follow girls into the bathroom if they claim “gender identity issues” that day.

Those once-respected leaders who are part of Kashkari’s disgraceful campaign ought to be ashamed. They have forfeited their conservative base and shown their true colors. They have pledged their allegiance to their wallets and hocked their own credibility. Pity the fools.

They have weakened the party. Again.

The Democrats won’t even say thanks, but they should. They are the gift that keeps on giving. The Democrats can count on the establishment GOP to try to do the same thing for the 2016 elections. Cue Rove’s magic wand.

I believe conservatives are finished supporting their schemes, and I think the establishment might wake up to a nightmare. If the party elite won’t even unite with conservatives in a state where Democrat leadership brought us the “Bathroom Bill” and sent Hollywood packing to tax credits and less regulation in other states, then conservatives might just wash their hands of the GOP and be finished with them.

Conservatives across the country have an opportunity to make themselves heard by the establishment like never before. Kashkari will spend money like water because it’s all he has in the coming days to fill the airwaves with his name, and rhetoric about Tim Donnelly. Tim has the grassroots and the convicted in the party. But Kashkari has the money, and he is counting on voters being stupid enough to be bought. They will attempt to marginalize, demonize and even criminalize Tim Donnelly, who has only ever desired to serve the citizens of this state and nation.

I won’t have any of it.

I am so honored to live in a state where I have an opportunity to fight for what everyone says they want in politics, but few ever even see. This race will determine the direction of our entire political trajectory in America. As California goes, so goes the country. We all know that. Just how much are we willing to stand for this man, who is willing to stand for our liberties, even if all alone?

I stand.

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