Tommy Vietor

“The Dude heard around the world”

Among the top trending topics at Twitter last week was this one…

…and this one: #ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude.

Here’s why. From Twitchy: “It was the ‘dude’ heard ’round the world. Bret Baier’s interview with the former National Security Council spokesman inspired more Internet mockery. This time it’s in the form of a #ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude hashtag game.”

The hashtag creation was Twitter blowback for the snarky and “smarmy” response given by White House communications guy Tommy Vietor (whose illustrious political career began as a van driver for then-state Senator Barack Obama) during an interview about Benghazi with Fox News Special Report host Brett Baier.

Prior to the broadcast, Vietor had tweeted: “Guessing @BretBaier invited me to come on @SpecialReport to talk #Benghazi as a #TBT thing since it happened in 2012 but tune in!”

(TBT refers to “Throwback Thursday,” a term that social media users have adopted to describe that day to post remarks, images and events of the past.)

Of Vietor’s tweet, Twitter aggregator Twitchy observed: “Get it? Bret Baier wants to talk about Benghazi probably, since it’s Throwback Thursday on Twitter and those ‘spontaneous protests’ were a long time ago. How long ago? Dude, like two years ago!

“Tommy Vietor is the Obama administration’s former National Security Council spokesman, although many on Twitter referred to him only as ‘Who’s this kid?’ He left that gig behind, and he can’t quite understand why no one else seems to have moved on from the terrorist attack that killed four Americans.

“Former Obama administration National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor’s ‘dude, that was like two years ago’ response to a question from Bret Baier regarding the Benghazi attack didn’t sit well with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, who reminded Vietor why such a comment is heartless:”

Observers on Twitter wasted no time creating a new Twitter hashtag: #ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude,” and came up with such gems as: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dude, I will fear no evil (Dude 23:4) #ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude”

“Government of the dudes, by the dudes, for the dudes, shall not perish from the Earth.”

“Frankly, dude, I don’t give a damn.”

Had enough yet, dude? If not, read them all here.

Watching Lotte grow

I like time-lapse videos. They show in detail how things, places and people change over time. In most cases, it takes a lot of self-discipline and dedication to stay committed to snapping a photo or shooting a quick video clip on a regular basis. Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has done that, creating this memorable portrait of his daughter’s “blossoming” in a four-minute-long video.

“I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old and then made this time lapse edit,” Hofmeester explained.

He filmed his daughter Lotte in 15-second increments. The video has attracted 13,747,181 views since it was posted at YouTube on April 10.

Hofmeester created a similar time-lapse video of Lotte’s younger brother Vince from his birth to 11 years. You can watch it here. Visit Hofmeester’s website here.


Can you guess what this image depicts? I’ll let you ponder that for a moment. Or… you can watch this video and be absolutely amazed at the answer. By the way – the accompanying music was composed specifically for this. Take a break and enjoy!

Let it go!

Some happy U.S. Marines singing “Let It Go” while watching Disney’s “Frozen” is getting some interesting – and mixed – comments. What do you think of it?

Me? I think it’s hilarious. Check it out and let it go!

Best moments

In an item headlined “The Art of Communicating,” last week’s Surfin’ Safari column included a video that depicted a man with Alzheimer’s communicating with his family’s dog. This week, I discovered another touching moment – this time between an Alzheimer’s patient and his wife – which was captured in a heartwarming photo. Posted on The Blaze Best Moments Facebook page, Blaze writer Colin Balfe shared how love and the human soul triumph over this debilitating disease.

Janet Palmer Ward wrote, “This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2013. My dad is in an Alzheimer hospice center. My mom is in the same nursing home in a different area. They don’t see each other often because it is so hard on my dad. My dad hasn’t known who I am for several years. My brother took this picture of my mom and dad. They have been married 66 years, and this picture tells my heart that deep inside, dad still knows who she is. I can’t write more now because each time I see this picture it brings me to tears.”

TheBlaze encourages readers to send their most touching moment videos and photos to The Blaze Best Moments.

Dog interrupts softball game

During a game last week between Simon Fraser University and Western Oregon University, this canine decided he’d get in on the action. Check out the umpire’s reaction at 15 seconds into the vid! Dog grabs glove, and hilarity ensues!

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