Do you get the change part yet? Well, I hope so. The executive branch of government now makes the laws, and also determines which of the old laws it will enforce – and which it won’t. These laws apply to ordinary citizens, but not corporate or union election donors or government “servants.”

Actual enforcement of these executive laws has been delegated to increasingly militarized federal bureaucracies which are building up their own police forces. Drone surveillance over the entire nation is just a few years away. Hellfire missiles will probably follow. In the meantime, the National Security Agency monitors the emails, faxes, telephone calls and private musings tapped out on keyboards nationwide. All is recorded and available for future use in determining thought crimes among enemies of the state.

This apparatus was sold to Americans to keep them safe from terrorist attack. The original Sept. 11 terrorists slipped through the immigration cracks in our wide-open borders, and J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy agency couldn’t be bothered to investigate flight instructors’ concerns reported to them regarding foreign students who had enrolled in flight instruction classes but didn’t care to learn takeoffs or landings.

The Constitution nowhere gives the federal government authority to fund or carry out these activities. In fact, it strictly forbids such actions. Every elected official, every appointed judge, every federal agency head and presumably every federal employee took an oath to defend the nation against precisely this type of government activity.

So we get the change part. America no longer exists after a few Saudis living in the nation illegally and hiding under Hoover’s skirts slit the airline crews’ throats and used their newfound flight skills to attempt a landing on the World Trade Center.

But where’s the hope?

Well, there’s an election, of course! The party out of power has vigorously opposed all of this growth of big government and the subsequent disintegration of constitutional liberties. Congress is holding hearings. Polls show that … blah, blah, blah (insert whatever you like to hear).

For a mirror from the future that reflects what is underway here, we can look to the (once) United Kingdom. There a few newspaper columnists have figured it out. One is James Delingpole, writing in Breitbart-London. Delingpole was able to name four other London journalists who have figured it out on their end. The only thing that both major political parties can unite against is a third party threatening to gain power in an upcoming election.

The same is true here. The only real threat is an outsider getting elected, which upsets the corruption applecart. The only nation the Ds and Rs know or care about is the nation of Washington, D.C.

It’s odd, though, don’t you think? California has Silicon Valley, which produces something, that in turn creates wealth. Texas has oil companies. Again, production, followed by wealth. Washington, D.C., produces nothing. Yet it has become the richest city in the nation. It’s even richer than New York City, which “produces” its ethereal “financial services” for the rest of the nation and world.

Odd, don’t you think? An entire city, the seat of a once-great nation’s government, built upon the business of selling the souls of men and women, which they once regarded as in their care.

“Armageddon Story, Reconnaissance” – The end-game has already begun.

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