Talk about hitting the bull’s-eye with a joke.

When game-show host Pat Sajak sent an ironic tweet about global-warming alarmists, an anchor at CNN reacted with an impromptu sermon on the “sin” of failing to believe in the theory, citing a discredited scientist.

Sajak tweeted: “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends.”

CNN anchor Carol Costello jumped on Sajak’s statement.

“Climate change is real but for many reasons certain people keep debating this issue, like game show host Pat Sajak,” she said during her live news broadcast on the network.

Citing his Tweet, she said: “That statement’s so ridiculous it’s easy to laugh it off, except we can’t, because powerful politicians like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio say, ‘I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it … and I do not believe that the laws … will do anything about it, except it will destroy our economy.'”

Rubio’s comments were similar to the conclusion of 31,487 scientists who have signed Art Robinson’s Petition Project. The scientists agree that there is “no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

Robinson’s project seeks to “demonstrate that the claim of ‘settled science’ and an overwhelming ‘consensus’ in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is wrong. No such consensus or settled science exists. As indicated by the petition text and signatory list, a very large number of American scientists reject this hypothesis.”

Robinson’s website explains that publicists at the United Nations, Al Gore and their supporters frequently claim that only a few “skeptics” remain.

“It is evident that 31,487 Americans with university degrees in science – including 9,029 PhDs, are not ‘a few,'” he said. “Moreover, from the clear and strong petition statement that they have signed, it is evident that these 31,487 American scientists are not ‘skeptics.'”

Inconvenient truth

While on air, Costello launched into a conversation with two CNN contributors about how failing to endorse global warming is a “sin.” But a report at cited Penn State climate-change scientist Michael Mann’s response to Sajak, who later confirmed that it was all a joke.

Mann said: “Hey @PatSajak, this aint the Wheel of Fortune. If we lose this game, it isn’t just one person’s misfortune. All humanity pays the price.”

Mann developed the famous “hockey-stick” chart that was used by Gore in his “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary film as evidence of a spike in global temperatures coinciding with the industrial age.

The chart was debunked during the “Climategate” scandal when thousands of emails were hacked from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Scientists were found to be discussing among themselves their concern the data didn’t support their claim of a temperature rise, and they plotted how to hide data from the public.

WND reported a panel of fellow faculty members at Penn State recommended further investigation into Mann’s work because of the emails.

The emails purloined included references to a “trick” to “hide the [temperature] decline,” suggested that other emails were being purged to prevent their revelations and indicated scientists who did not agree deliberately were being excluded from the discussion.

Penn State later announced: “In looking at four possible allegations of research misconduct, the committee determined that further investigation is warranted for one of those allegations. The recommended investigation will focus on determining if Mann ‘engaged in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting or reporting research or other scholarly activities.”

Costello’s interview on air was with CNN contributor Mitchell Hescox of the Evangelical Environmental Network.

“We want to be the bridge builder that offers the love of Christ that truly helps them to realize the serious impact and the serious nature of climate change,” Hescox said.

Also interviewed was commentator Edward Beck, who said the Roman Catholic Church calls global warming a “moral issue.”

Both comments were softer than the declaration of Lawrence Torcello of Rochester Institute of Technology, who has said opponents of the global-warming agenda are “criminally negligent.”

He cited a case in Italy in which six seismologists were prosecuted for failing to “properly communicate” the nature of an earthquake threat to the public. Several hundred people were killed in the ensuing quake.

He concluded: “If those with a financial or political interest in inaction had funded an organized campaign to discredit the consensus findings of seismology, and for that reason no preparations were made, then many of us would agree that the financiers of the denialist campaign were criminally responsible for the consequences of that campaign. I submit that this is just what is happening with the current, well documented funding of global warming denialism.”

WND reported last week that a leading climate scientist who became skeptical of the impact of mankind on climate said he feared for his safety amid a “witch hunt” by American global warming activists.

It was Lennart Bengtsson, a research fellow at the University of Reading in England, who said the attacks from the international “climate science community” came after he joined the academic advisory council of a group that questions the theory of man-caused global warming, the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

“I have been put under such an enormous group pressure from all over the world that [it] has become virtually unbearable. It is a situation that reminds me [of] the time of McCarthy,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

Bengtsson, a native of Sweden, puts most of the blame on U.S. climate scientists.

“It was the climate science community the U.S. which took this very negatively,” he told the London Times. “I think the reason is the very loaded atmosphere in the U.S. [which] would like to do something very substantial about climate change.”

A report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, noting Bengtsson accepted the position only a few weeks ago, described the opposition as a “witch hunt.”

Bengtsson noted one scientist employed by the U.S. government threatened to withdraw as co-author of an upcoming paper.

The foundation, launched by several leaders in the United Kingdom in 2009, explains it is unique in its open-minded approach to the “contested science of global warming.”

It is concerned about environmental impacts but also is “deeply concerned about the costs and other implications of many of the policies currently being advocated.”

It does not, however, “have an official or shared view about the science of global warming – although we are of course aware that this issue is not yet settled.”

Get the truth! Read “Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam,” and “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.”

Models posed by climate-change scientists two decades ago haven’t fared well.

Data released in March, for example, showed the average global temperature has not warmed in more than 17 years.

WND reported that in 2000, David Viner, a senior research scientist at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was warning that in just a few years, snow would be “a very rare and exciting event” in Britain.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

Then came the winter of 2013 and one really bad week for global warming adherents.

Britain, national press reported, faced its coldest winter in a century.

Cairo saw its first snow in 100 years. Oregon, like several other states, reached its coldest temperature in 40 years. Chicago saw its coldest days ever, and – as if to add finality to the trend – Antarctica reached the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth.

Gore has even taken to an obscenity-laden rant to push his agenda: (WARNING: Profane and obscene language is used.)

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