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An abundance of Memorial Day tributes appeared across the Internet on social media sites this past weekend. For example this, one of a series that highlighted those who gave everything, was tweeted throughout the weekend by Jake Tapper, CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent.

Tapper also linked to a piece by Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, founder of America’s Mighty Warriors, whose son Marc Alan Lee was the first U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006. Lee, who is a frequent spokeswoman for our military and can often be seen on TV news programs, reminds Americans that Memorial Day is set aside to remember those brave warriors who, while defending us, lost their lives in combat.

“We have over 600,000 men and women who have died in combat since WWI,” she wrote.

“600,000 Gold Star families and Brothers at arms, who have buried a loved one and to whom every day is/was Memorial Day,” she continued. “Often times people mistakenly recognize and thank all of those who have served. Veterans Day is the National Holiday when we do that. I’ve dedicated my life to honoring and thanking our troops 24/7 364 days of the year, but Memorial Day is for those who died in war.”

Because of Debbie Lee’s tireless efforts heralding the bravery of her son and others like him, what had originally been called the Naval Special Warfare Group 1 Training Detachment Building officially became the AO2 (SEAL) Marc A. Lee Training Center last year.

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee with her son, U.S. Navy SEAL Marc Alan Lee

OK, I admit it, I watched this and welled up. A young active duty Marine surprised his sister on her wedding day.

“So thankful for the sacrifices military men and women make for our freedom everyday. It was an honor meeting this Marine and his family,” wrote Andrew Didway who uploaded this video to Youtube. We’re thankful too. For our military men and women, and for the video!

Speaking of nuptials, how’s this for a wedding dress? Can you guess what it’s made of? (Click through to see other amazing creations by Olivia Mears at Avant Geek.

Photoshoppers! Start your engines!

On Friday, a graphic image of the president with the words “Like a Boss” was tweeted out by The Democrats. It immediately attracted attention – and an irresistible urge to Photoshop. Among the eye rolls, guffaws and face palms that the proposed Obama bumper sticker generated was an exploding hashtag that quickly became ubiquitous: #LikeABoss. It didn’t take long for amended Photoshops to hit the web. Even U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, jumped into the fray.

One shopper decided the slogan was a better fit when paired with a different president.

Posted on the eve of Memorial Day weekend, this one hit the bulls-eye. Ouch!

While POTUS was trying to repair his image with Americans and our military over Memorial Day weekend by surprising the troops with his presence in Afghanistan, more twitterings …

This:So, heads to Afghanistan, for a photo-op and distraction. While there, he will castigate Republicans and praise gay soldiers.”

This: So, heads to Afghanistan to avoid putting on a suit and tie and placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown.

And this: Still in … body bags mount. All of the bullies in the world saying “…who?…

What is it like to serve in Afghanistan?

The answers are in a book titled “Afghanistan: On The Bounce.” Written by embeds author Steven Hartov and celebrated photographer Robert Cunningham, the glossy photos and captions take you through the deployment and tour, giving the reader a deeper understanding of the Afghanistan experience.

Cunningham shot 55,000 photos and selected the best for the book which recently was featured in both National Geographic and Business Insider.

Short takes

Some of my favorite Photoshoppers

Artist Sarolta Ban, who transforms ordinary photographs to help rescue dogs find homes, uses her skills to bring out the dogs’ different personalities.

Diann Russell, whose incisive wit cuts to the heart of political matters. Witness this photoshop merging Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chair of the House Select Committee on Benghazi with a popular movie poster. “Dianny Rants” posts her art at All the Right Snark and Red Nation Rising.

Others meriting your attention are Earl of Taint, Big Fur Hat, iMaksim and Oleg Atbashian. More to come in future columns.

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