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How would Chuck Norris fare as 'ultimate fighter' today?

(MMA Kanvas) Chuck Norris epitomised the American tough man during the 80s. With a bulky frame, magnificent beard and legitimate martial arts credentials, Norris was an action hero come to life, and today many believe that he would run roughshod on the Ultimate Fighting Championship if he were born 30 years later.

Despite being best known for roundhouse kicking villains on the silver screen, Norris actually has an impressive martial arts resume, which includes an eigth degree black belt in taekwondo, black belt in judo and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

The martial arts hero even had ties to the UFC in it’s earliest incarnation, with initial UFC owner Rorion Gracie wanting him to be a part of the first pay-per-view event, but Norris, who was an established Hollywood heavyweight at the time, wanted no part of this perceived bloodsport.