I am a Christian, a registered Republican, a supporter of the U.S. Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments, and love America and the freedom we have. I am also a police officer. I have been in the career for 30 years, 20 years with the Denver Police Department. I have worked the street, been a detective, a bomb dog handler, a bomb technician and a supervisor. I have been punched, kicked, shot at, been spit on, had bottles and rocks thrown at me. I have never shot anyone.

Your recent article “Fed-up citizens try to arrest own police chief” was unfair and inflammatory. The tone of the article indicts all police officers as uncaring, unfeeling, robotic, psychopathic and Gestapo-like. Are there police officers like that? Yes. Just like there are factory workers and farmers and stock brokers and nurses and doctors who share those traits. But in my experience, the vast majority of police officers DO care and are dedicated to serving the public.

If you read the comments of the readers of this article, you will see the effect WND is having on their opinions. It is irresponsible.

I watched the video of the New Mexico incident involving the homeless man. The officer who killed him deserves to go to jail, and I’m sure he will. But what about officers like Celina Hollis, who was trying to break up a confrontation and was shot and killed at city park where families had gathered for a free weekly jazz concert? So was she a jack-booted thug when she placed herself between a soulless criminal and a crowd of families? Did she not place the safety and lives of others before her own life? Did she not leave her own beautiful child behind for the sake of the citizens of Denver?

I’m discontinuing my online and Whistleblower subscriptions. You and your commenters have no idea the level of commitment and caring MOST police officers have for those they serve.

Andre Solomos

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