In an affluent society (even one temporarily impoverished), change can be pursued in many ways.

In the political realm, “change” translates to government control: at the local, county, state and federal level. The political party that controls the government infuses its beliefs throughout the respective bureaucracies. And in time government comes to reflect the ruling party’s view of reality – whether it works well or not ceases to matter.

The rallying cry to “Take America Back!” is a good campaign slogan, because it speaks to everyone but says very little – which, of course, is why it speaks to everyone! The devil, as they always say, is in the details. (He is other places, too, but that is for another column.)

“Taking America Back” means first and foremost that things are not going the way we think they should be going. It also indicates that things were once going the way we thought they should be, but then there was a change.

In an ideal world, the Republicans and Democrats would balance things out as power shifted back and forth between them over the years. The Democrats, being big-government types, would bloat government spending and employment, and then finally taxes. The Republicans, being small-government types, would erase those gains, and perhaps even scrape a bit closer to the bureaucratic bone. But over the course of time, adherents of each approach would rally their forces and on occasion “Take America Back,” after which they would reverse the tide of government, leaving the other side to plot its next electoral comeback.

But it hasn’t worked that way, has it?

Government has now taken on a life of its own. It no longer exists to serve the people. It exists to coerce and enslave those of us paying for it. And it is spending our money to make itself unstoppable in the future.

It’s a new type of regime. While governments in the past have all sought this type of power over their citizens, none has ever possessed it. But that will soon change.

Even now the emphasis is on thought crimes. Big media have become the collective incestuous whore of big government. Like the government-run propaganda machines during past wars, it no longer shines the light of day upon government abuses, but rather spreads the cover of darkness over them, obscuring the victims. The nation’s capital has become a walled-off city, where only the anointed are welcomed inside. The rest require permits and police, lest those inside see dissent in the streets and question their roles.

The government we see forming before us is like none that has ever existed. But how has it arisen? And to whom does it answer?

“Armageddon Story, Reconnaissance” – The end-game has already begun.

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