(CNN) The most important carry over from the anti-Vietnam War movement is John Filo’s famous picture of Mary Vecchio screaming over the body of Jeffrey Miller. John was a Kent State University photo-journalism major. He was acting as a news professional even though he was student at the time. He said in a 1990 interview that immediately after the firing had stopped, “I thought, I’ve got to get out of here. Then I said, Wait a minute. What am I doing? You say you’re a journalist, let’s go.” He thought it was essential that he take his pictures out of the Kent area in order to escape the clutches of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There had been persistent rumors that the FBI had been confiscating camera and film over the weekend. John drove the back roads of Pennsylvania to Tarentum to have picture published saying to the editor who he knew from previous work that he thought he had some good pictures.

The Valley Daily News of Tarentum, Pennsylvania published the picture as well as putting it on the Associated Press wire service. John won the Pulitzer Prize and other awards for his picture.

The girl in the Pieta picture was Mary Vecchio a 14 year-old run-away from, Florida.

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