More hashtag mockery

The Obama Administration did it again, only this time it was FLOTUS’ hashtag that subjected her husband’s foreign policy to mockery and derision.

It all began with this photo tweeted by the White House last Wednesday:

That got the ball rolling, as many took to photoshopping the First Lady’s message, inserting their own sentiments.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumped in, also earning the former FLOTUS some well-deserved mockery of her own.

Then author, columnist, and radio host Mark Steyn got into the mix, writing: “It is hard not to have total contempt for a political culture that thinks the picture at right is a useful contribution to rescuing 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by jihadist savages in Nigeria. Yet some pajama boy at the White House evidently felt getting the First Lady to pose with this week’s Hashtag of Western Impotence would reflect well upon the Administration. The horrible thing is they may be right: Michelle showed she cared – on social media! – and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?” (Read the whole thing.)

Steyn’s opinion piece prompted yet more hashtag suggestions.

The entire incident brought back fond memories of last week’s #United for Ukraine hashtag hoo-hah, brought on by State Department Spokesman Jen Psaki in which her tweeted message was unmercifully pilloried for depicting State’s impotent hashtag diplomacy.

Will they ever learn that White House (think #Pajama Boy) diplomacy and foreign policy is a #Nonstarter?

Crowning glory

For women, our hair is our crowning glory. We spend hours and lots of money to frame our face with an attractive hairstyle. When my mom underwent chemotherapy in an effort to eradicate her cancer, like many cancer battlers she lost her hair. So she purchased a couple of wigs for public outings and when at home wore a knitted cap. I wonder what she would have thought of this – henna art for the scalp. It’s a beautiful and unusual solution for women who have lost their hair from chemo treatments or alopecia. Here’s a stunning alternative to that “crowning glory” – be “bald, bold, and beautiful” with a henna crown.

“Wood” you like a ride?

Giving new meaning to the classic auto known as a “woodie“, Momir Bojic and his wife Nada spent 72 weeks completely reassembling this 1975 Volkswagen Beetle using nothing but oak wood. The retired Volkswagen employee purchased the the beetle at a fair and had the doors and roof removed and the chassis stripped.

They then fabricated approximately 20,000 thumbnail-sized pieces of oak designed to resemble wood-tiled roofs common in his homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a wooden bumper, wipers, pedals, wheel caps, signal lamps, tail-lights, door mirrors, steering wheel, parcel shelf, dashboard, clock and radio. To get a close up view of the car’s components, take a look at this video.

A labor of love, Bojic says his next project will be to do the same to a sports car.

And while we’re in the virtual auto showroom, take a look at these micro-cars designed primarily by European enthusiasts. A most unusual assortment of styles, everything from comical to adorable. Really!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Now you can tweet multiple photos in the same Twitter message. Just tap the pics you want to include from your mobile device or computer, and post! You’re telling the world your story in pictures. Just like on Facebook, you can now tag people in your Twitter photos to bring them into the conversation and show everybody who’s who. So if you’ve got a thousand words and only 140 characters to convey it, let your picture tell the story.

Math lesson on a vegetable?

Take a look at this Romanesco broccoli. Beautiful, isn’t it? But wait, it’s more than that. This vegetable “takes the form of a fractal – a complex geometrical shape that looks almost the same at every scale factor. So each broccoli is made up of smaller florets that mimic the fractal shape to perfection, which in turn are made of even smaller florets of similar shape … and this goes on and on to the tiniest florets,” according to Oddity Central. Proving yet again that nature is amazing!


Watching Heather Rooney draw portraits of famous people is absolutely amazing. Using colored pencils, this young artist’s creations seemingly come to life. Watch this video of her drawing NBA basketball great LeBron James to see what I mean. Rooney, a 20-year-old art student, works with Prismacolor colored pencils to create her photorealistic drawings. The more I watch this gal’s video renderings, the more mesmerized I am by her stunning talent. You really have to see it to appreciate how she turns a one-dimensional piece of paper into a photorealistic lifelike image using nothing more than colored pencils. Find her on YouTube, and at her Facebook pages here and here. (Hat tip Oddity Central)

See the sea lion

J.R. Gilkinson says it was a life-changing experience, a day at sea he will never forget. While he and his family were enjoying an outing on their boat, they saw something swim up beside them. It was a sea lion. They stopped to capture the moment on video, and what happened next is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Since posting it a year ago, the clip has had more than three and a half million views. Take a peek to see why.

Flying bulbs!

Now that we are required to use the curlycue light bulbs, the incandescent bulb is going the way of the buggy whip. Then again, maybe not. One enterprising company is turning them into beautiful sculptures. Using copper wire and some imagination, these bulbs are being re-purposed into baroque works of art by artist Micheal Wiegand.

Take a look at the other bulbous offerings, including diamond lights and lazy bulbs at Weirdomatic’s “Weird & Amazing Light Bulbs” page. It’ll light you up!

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