For a few days, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was a heroic figure to a great many conservatives. Then, overnight, he became a pariah. There were some people, aside from Harry Reid, who suggested he should have to ring a little bell whenever he went out in public and announce his presence by repeating, “Unclean! Unclean!”

Now I grant that there was no good reason for him to open his yap about the urban blacks residing in North Las Vegas, just as there was no reason for those two Republican knuckleheads running for the Senate in 2012 to shoot off their mouths about rape.

But, aside from the fact that Mr. Bundy is not the most eloquent of speakers, what did he say that was so terrible? I mean, it’s not as if he spent three years lying about our being able to keep our doctors and our health insurance just so he could shove his disgusting signature piece of legislation down our throats.

What Bundy said out loud is what most people think about millions of black people who, in spite of decades of Operation Head Start, Affirmative Action and billions of tax dollars squandered on welfare, are quite content to live off Uncle Sam, to continue voting the straight Democratic ticket and to encourage the next generation to follow suit. Are any of you self-righteous buffoons looking to lynch Mr. Bundy volunteering to drive into the hood tonight and ask for directions? Or stop for a beer? I thought not.

What Bundy was basically saying was that when you have a 71 percent rate of illegitimacy, a record number of abortions and more young men finding they’d rather peddle drugs than get an education or a job, you can’t be too surprised at such dismal and heartbreaking results.

As for his politically incorrect use of the word “Negroes,” we should all take a deep breath and realize that a great many black people not only use a far more repulsive term in their everyday speech, but that the “CP” in NAACP doesn’t stand for “Cool People.”

A reader let me know that a religious friend of his is convinced that people are all good at their core. I responded, “If I were to speak to her, I’d say that Christ and Moses, like the Founding Fathers, understood that man is not a perfect creature, and that is why the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments and the Constitution were so essential to mankind. Conservatives understand that we all need guideposts. It’s only those on the left who think that people are perfect, and that it’s only, say, capitalism that needs to be reined in.

“So, assuming she’s a conservative,” I went on, “what makes her believe such malarkey? If parents don’t teach a child that it’s wrong to take another kid’s toys, the child is very likely going to grow up to be a thief, if not something even worse.

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“Heck, we see the results of a child being denied a father and a father’s discipline every day in the black community. The point was made powerfully some years ago when there was an outbreak of violence on an African game preserve. Rhinos were being attacked and killed in large numbers. The game wardens couldn’t figure out the cause of the butchery until they set up cameras in strategic locations and discovered that young elephants were running in a pack and killing the rhinos for fun.

“The problem was that poachers had killed off the bull elephants for their ivory tusks. The solution that the wardens came up with was to bring in a few bulls from outlying regions. The wardens then decided that the leader of the teenage gang was beyond redemption and shot him. But the other young elephants quickly fell into line once the ‘fathers’ let them know how elephants were expected to behave.”

I trust you understand that I am not tarring all blacks with the same brush. After all, we’re all very much aware of such exemplary individuals as Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Star Parker, Allen West and Tim Scott. But there’s no getting around the fact that 95 percent of blacks vote the straight Democratic ticket because the liberals have set themselves up as the slave masters who see to it that their able-bodied wards don’t go hungry, while only demanding that they express their gratitude by occasionally going out to vote, not require that they tote any barges or lift any bales.

That brings me to entitlements. We have been so brainwashed by the media and liberal politicians that we have actually come to refer to welfare as an entitlement. Entitled on what basis? That the recipient is still breathing? I understand that there are actual entitlements, but those are limited to pensions for veterans who risked their lives in defense of America and Social Security checks for those who worked and paid into the system for 40 or 50 years.

I’m sure there are those who will take offense at my stereotyping millions of people, but I contend that the word exists because stereotypes exist, or would you deny that, by and large, Asians are technologically advanced, that Germans are efficient, Russians drink an awful lot of vodka, that American teenagers suffer from excessive self-esteem and that Jews are argumentative?

Ha! I didn’t think so.

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