Back in March, Sen. Mitch McConnell promised to crush conservative activist groups backing primary challenges such as he himself faced from Matt Bevin. He predicted: “I think we are going to crush them everywhere. I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.” In this column and elsewhere, I’ve repeatedly made clear my view that the existing party system is like a rigged casino. So the only thing I found even mildly surprising about McConnell’s boast was his intemperate willingness to brag openly about the GOP’s elitist faction leadership’s power to control the outcome of the GOP primaries.

The elections the U.S. Constitution requires are part of what Madison (Federalist No. 39) called the “scheme of representation.” They are supposed to assure that government is constrained by “a due dependence on the people” (Federalist No. 70). In our times this aim is being systematically frustrated by a sham political process that exists to deceive, manipulate and defraud voters in order to enforce oligarchic control. As George Washington predicted in his famous Farewell Address, this is what happens because political parties fall prey to faction (control by a group of people serving their own power rather than the common good of the nation.)

When it comes to offering a true electoral alternative to the Democrats, the GOP is now a thoroughly proven, openly admitted sham. New confirmation of this fact can be seen in the recent primary results in Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky and elsewhere. Mitch McConnell made good his boast. All the so-called “tea party” opposition candidates were crushed.

This is fresh evidence that elitist faction collaborators have the GOP by the throat. Yet conservatives like Richard Viguerie, who profess to care about unalienable rights and the U.S. Constitution, continue to urge conservatives to throw themselves and their increasingly scarce resources into the GOP’s political InSyncErator (a machine for blending conservative voters into the elitist faction’s socialist party line). Such are the “show trials” (by political combat) the party primaries are now scripted to be.

These political gurus benefit from the palpably deceitful notion that “if you don’t back a choice in the primaries, you’ll have no choice in November.” As things stand, people get only the delusion of choice in both cases. The primaries are political round-ups, like the spring ritual that preceded cattle drives in the Old West. The cattle in question may wear different brands (i.e., back different primary candidates) but they are all being herded toward the same fate (an effectively choice-less election between competing wings of the elitist faction) in November.

Here’s something to chuckle about while that analogy sinks in. Some are touting Sen. Rand Paul as a so-called “tea party” alternative for president in the 2016 election cycle. Yet recently I received a fundraising email from “Team Mitch” paid for by the McConnell Senate Committee 2014. In it Sen. Paul tells me that “You can always count on Mitch to stand strong for our conservative principles. … As conservatives, we must unite around Mitch and send a strong message to the Barack Obama liberals who want to impose their values on us in Kentucky.”

In 2015, keep an eye on what Mitch McConnell and his elitist faction fellow-travelers propose to do on issues like Obamacare repeal, amnesty for illegal immigrants, budget and fiscal discipline, and the like (not to mention issues like the unalienable right to life, or the unalienable rights of the natural family). If you hold your breath expecting them to hold Obama accountable for the damage he has done to this country, or if you think they will do anything that forces back the relentless totalitarian socialist advances he is spearheading, you’ll be long past saving long before Election Day 2016, along with the country you profess to love.

McConnell is working hard to pre-empt the success of conservative candidates in the GOP primaries. Do you think he’s doing so because he means to carry out the conservative agenda they advocate? Fat chance! The truth is, he doesn’t want their conservative voices in the U.S. Senate decrying his collaboration with the elitist faction’s agenda for the demise of America’s liberty.

I have no doubt that many people who read this column agree with my view of elitist faction collaborators like McConnell. And whatever excuses of expediency some give for Rand Paul’s rush to perfume McConnell’s record, they’ll also be wondering what on earth can be done to break what appears to be the elitist faction’s stranglehold on America’s future. Somehow, for our nation’s sake, conservative voters need to declare and demonstrate their independence from elitist faction manipulation and dominance.

As a first step, we should cast off the mental shackles of the sham party system’s notions of politics. They see politics as what politicians do to win office. In truth, as George Washington understood, politics is supposed to be what citizens do to secure just law and liberty for their country. It isn’t about the power and ambition of candidates and officeholders. It’s about demanding results that serve the nations’ good.

Right now God-endowed unalienable rights, and the Constitution framed to secure them, are being cast aside. The voice of the people of the United States ordains and establishes the U.S. government. That government is supposed to serve and represent them. But ominous facts suggest that instead domestic agencies are being armed violently to repress opposition to the overthrow of America’s lawful self-government. The lethal head and focus of this attack on just law and liberty is Barack Obama, and all civil officers of the U.S. government who have been amenable to his repeated, anti-constitutional usurpations and abuses of power.

Frankly, it’s insane to be taken in by some party agenda, newly recasting worthless promises to “fix” this or that problem the nation faces. It’s insane to believe that Sen. McConnell and/or any other politician, in or out of office, really opposes Obama, when they steadfastly refuse to implement the only effective, constitutional means for ending his high crimes and misdemeanors before it’s too late.

If you see someone setting fire to your house, your first order of business is to stop them. You won’t be taken in by police and/or a volunteer fire brigade that show up with nothing to offer but worthless plans to sex up your bedroom’s decor, or widen the back doors to be more accommodating to large crowds. They’ve obviously been paid off. They show up to give the appearance of aid, while keeping real helpers away until your house burns to the ground.

Such sham rescuers are all the politicians, in or out of office, who will not sign the pledge to impeach and remove Barack Obama and all his collaborators from office, as the Constitution provides. Such, too, are all the voters who are unwilling to add to the number of those demanding that these recalcitrants do so. Are you one of them? If not, click here and prove it.

A political blockbuster and guide for Congress to draw up articles of impeachment – Aaron Klein’s “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office”

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