When Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., and a member of the House Republican leadership, told a local constituent gathering in her state last month that Obamacare was “probably” here to stay, she confirmed the worst fears among many likely GOP voters across the country – that her party really didn’t have the desire to repeal the hugely unpopular and economically destructive health-care legislation.

Many Republican and independent voters were left scratching their heads, wondering what was the point in voting for GOP control of the House and Senate in November if they aren’t going to fulfill their pledge to overturn Obamacare.

I would have assumed Republican lawmakers had already crafted new legislation to replace this monstrosity and planned to unveil its highlights to swing the midterm election this year. But apparently they haven’t.

But it’s not too late.

If Republicans want to win – and win big – it’s an absolute must.

Maybe Republican leadership thinks they can win merely through the new investigation of Benghazi. While it’s about time GOP lawmakers held the administration accountable for this foreign policy fiasco, it’s not an issue that will resonate with the grass-roots like Obamacare, which affects everyone and everything.

Obamacare is even more than that:

  • It is a symbol of the way “progressives” use coercion and punishment in implementing programs they claim are humanitarian.

  • It epitomizes the way Democrats knowingly and repeatedly lie to sell their ideas.
  • It reveals how they don’t understand economics and detest the free-enterprise system.
  • It shows how they don’t place any value on choice and liberty.
  • It also illustrates their incompetence.

So why isn’t every Republican running for the House and Senate in 2014 making Obamacare the No. 1 issue?

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Why aren’t they all running television ads showing Obama telling the American people they can keep their current health plan if they like, even while millions are losing their coverage?

In short, why are Republicans capitulating on scrapping, in its entirety, the most disgraceful piece of legislation passed and signed when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House?

Don’t they understand the political dynamite they hold in their hands with this issue?

Are they that politically tone deaf? Or is there a more sinister reason killing Obamacare isn’t front and center in their 2014 playbook?

I don’t know the answers to some of these questions. But I do know nothing could stop the Republican juggernaut if they focused on Obamacare like a laser beam over the next six months. Republicans should pledge to repeal all of Obamacare in January upon taking office.

One of the arguments I’ve heard Republicans make is that there are some “good” parts of Obamacare – stuff worth saving, like coverage for pre-existing conditions and the extension of coverage for children to age 26.

If that’s the case, write the legislation to keep those things and campaign on it. Force the Democrats into the unenviable position of opposing health-care reform in 2015.

Republican, independent and even many Democrat voters would run to the polls in November if GOP politicians would just clearly and unambiguously state what they intend to do if and when they get control of the House and Senate – on Obamacare and other things.

It’s not enough to criticize. They should have a 90-day plan to get the economy rolling again. They should have a plan to deal with the skyrocketing debt. They should have a plan to rollback all the attacks on liberty of the past six years.

Isn’t this rather obvious?

Do they remember 1994? Do they remember 2010? Do they remember 1980? Do they think they can just obfuscate about their plans and run out the clock between now and November, counting only on the unpopularity of Obama and his party?

What, indeed, does the Republican Party stand for?

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