The headlines are full of doom and gloom these days. War. Crime. Taxes. Violence. Economic collapse. And more.

So what is there that’s amusing, entertaining, uplifting?

Perhaps a video clip of a “politician,” in this case, entertainer Johnny Carson pretending to be the Gipper, President Ronald Reagan, whose statements frequently cut through bureaucratic layers like a hot knife through butter.

For instance, his comment one time about Russia during a mike test that the “bombing begins in five minutes.”

This video is of Carson portraying Reagan doing a “Who’s on First” routine with Secretary of State “Jim Baker.”

The discussion hits hilarity with Baker trying to explain to Reagan his schedule, including a meeting with Interior Secretary James “Watt,” his call from Chinese leader “Hu,” and more.

The routine has been so popular it’s made its way into the halls of Congress:

And into the science fiction films of Hollywood:

The original:

The WND Superstore offers a virtual library of information about Ronald Reagan, including “The Faith of Ronald Reagan,” “Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny,” “In the Face of Evil,” “The Crusader,” “Hand of Providence” and “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservation.”

Other Reagan quips literally made waves around the world, including when he talked about his strategy for dealing with Russia:

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