Editor’s Note: This story contains references to sexual activities that may offend readers.

The annual conference that brought America “fistgate,” the controversy over teaching school children alternative sexual activities, this year attracted some of America’s biggest corporate names as sponsors.

The sponsors included AT&T, Wells Fargo, IBM, Disney Television Group, HBO, Target, Facebook, Mattel, Google, McDonald’s, Merck and Kellogg’s, according to Mass Resistance, a Massachusetts group opposing homosexual activism.

It was that organization that reported the explicit teaching of homosexual acts at the infamous 2000 conference put on by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network March 25, 2000, called “TeachOut” at Tufts University.

In Fistgate, as it became known, a seminar speaker was captured on video explaining a particular technique.

“Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap,” the speaker said, calling it “an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with.”

A Mass Resistance report said the comment came from Massachusetts Department of Education employees “describing the pleasures of homosexual sex at a state-sponsored workshop.”

While the “fisting” presentation hasn’t been a regular feature of the tax- and corporate-sponsored event, other seminar titles this year included “When a Teacher Makes a Gender Transition,” “Teaching ‘Out,'” “Supporting Transgender Youth in Schools,” “Education on LGBTQ Topics,” “Reversing the Erasure of LGBT History” “and “Starting a Middle School GSA: A Sustainable, Grassroots Approach.”

Besides tax funding for the annual event, this year’s work featured the sponsorship of top American corporations.

“It should outrageous and terrifying to families that these companies, which they trust to do business with, spend their money on such massively destructive and offensive things such as GLSEN,” said Brian Camenker, founder and leader of Mass Resistance.

“Over the years, they are probably the most vicious and aggressive group pushing the homosexual agenda in schools,” he said.

WND contacted the two top corporate contributors to this year’s event, AT&T and Wells Fargo, for comment on their sponsorship.

The media relations office at AT&T asked for an explanation of what GLSEN was but did not respond further. Wells Fargo didn’t respond at all.

“They actually give large amounts of money [to this],” Camenker said. “Look at who does this, Facebook, Google, the NBA. It’s frightening that this is what they give to. McDonald’s.”

GLSEN breaks sponsorships into bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium levels, with the “national sponsorships” starting at “$10,000.”

AT&T and Wells Fargo headed the list. At platinum was IBM. At gold were Credo, Disney Television, Centropolis, Diversity Inc., HBO and Target.

Silver included Centropolis, again, DreamWorks, Mattel, Sodexo, Facebook, Hewlett Packard and Character Unite.

The events not only advance the promotion of homosexuality, or other alternative sexual lifestyles, Camenker said, but they train teachers how to “marginalize” parents who object to the teachings.

“They train kids that parents are stupid and ignorant and it is gay activists that are really the wise ones,” he said.

The instructions are “coming to your school soon,” the organization advised.

GLSEN, Mass Resistance said, is the nation’s largest homosexual and transgender activist organization working inside schools in all 50 states.

“It has set up ‘gay straight alliance’ student clubs (GSAs) inside thousands of high schools (and even some middle schools) across the country. GLSEN pushes a wide range of psychologically penetrating homosexual and transgender programs activities into the schools, such as the controversial ‘Day of Silence.’ It also directly organizes and trains teachers to integrate their techniques throughout the curriculum. Founded in the early 1990s by super-activist Kevin Jennings, it has a multi-million dollar budget, lavishly funded by corporate America and private foundations.”

The report says taxpayer dollars for the events come from the Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth.

“Unfortunately, most people – and especially most parents – have no idea the extent of the radical homosexual and transgender psychological propaganda being pushed at children in their schools, much less what’s going on behind the scenes. We hope to begin to remedy that,” the Mass Resistance report said.

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