The scandal at the Veterans Administration is certainly getting plenty of media attention.

Apparently, all of America is, to paraphrase Capt. Renault in “Casablanca,” “Shocked, shocked to find government health-care failed at the VA.”

What a surprise, indeed.

Who would have thought such a thing likely – or even possible. After all, government has plenty of resources, so why would government health care stiff its customers – especially, in the case of the VA, men and women who made great sacrifice for their country to earn the service?

People who understand the nature of government aren’t surprised at all. In fact, this is exactly what we would expect and predict about any government health-care system. People will die unnecessarily waiting for service. That’s how it always works. That’s the way it has always worked at the VA. The only difference is it has gotten worse under Barack Obama, the patron saint of government health care.

In fact, in 2009, Obama announced that the VA would be the model for his future nationalization of the entire health-care system – what we now know as Obamacare.

During his transition into the presidency, Obama proposed to “make the VA a leader of national health-care reform so that veterans get the best care possible.”

What that meant, apparently, to the Obama team was worsening the care provided by the VA, because that’s precisely what happened during his watch. Don’t get me wrong: The VA has always been a mess. It has always been a scandal. Again, that’s the nature of government-provided health care. What is so hard to understand about this? Government is just no good at providing services that are a matter of life and death.

Anyone familiar with VA care, before or after Obama took office, would know it’s not a good model for the entire health-care system of a nation to follow. But that’s just what the Obama team announced on day one. It should have been a warning to all of what was to come – and what is still coming unless we repeal Obamacare.

You like to watch people die waiting for health care? Get used to it. It will be an everyday occurrence in America many times over if Obamacare stands.

I know this VA story is worth the media attention it’s getting, but it’s outside the normal paradigm for the definition of newsworthiness. For a story to be newsworthy, it is supposed to be unexpected. That’s why those of us in the news business understand “Dog bites man,” is not a story, but “Man bites dog” most definitely is.

However, this VA story is, for me, something of a “Dog bites man” story.

It’s exactly what I would expect to happen. But it seems I am unusual in that regard. Apparently, most Americans – and most of those who work in the news media – are truly surprised at the scandalous conditions for patients at VA hospitals.

If so, let this be a wake-up call that brings real solutions – and real change.

It seems to me we have all seen many VA scandals over the years. Government officials pledge to clean up their act and the system. But then problems continue to fester until the next scandal breaks. No one ever gets to the heart of the problem – that government is just no good at providing health care to people.

Maybe this VA scandal will be different.

If so, we’re going to have to make a connection between what goes on at the VA and what goes on in any nationalized health-care system like Obamacare.

The VA is just a nationalized government health-care system in microcosm. Obama recognized that in 2009 when he chose to make the system his model for Obamacare.

Concerned about dozens of unnecessary deaths at the VA? Project out a national health-care system for everyone. How many Americans will we tolerate dying for lack of care in the future? Will we accept it as an everyday thing? Will we accept it for ourselves and our loved ones?

Decide now – because we have already seen the future of Obamacare at the VA.

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