The news probably didn’t make your newspapers or evening news, but if it had, would you have paid attention?

Brandon Mendoza’s family noticed; it changed their lives.

Mendoza, a 13-year Mesa, Arizona, police officer was killed while driving home from his shift.

He was legally driving on a state highway when a wrong-way driver slammed into his vehicle, killing him outright.

The guy who killed Mendoza was roaring drunk and, according to Associated Press, had driven more than 35 miles the wrong way on three highways with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.

The collision also killed the drunk, a man named Raul Silva Corona, an illegal alien with a criminal record in this country.

AP reported that he pleaded guilty in 1994 in Colorado to criminal conspiracy. Burglary, assault and leaving an accident scene charges were dismissed.

Your reaction might be – so?

Perhaps, but the toll of such incidents involving illegal aliens is enormous as is the number of other crimes by them in this country.

The situation is more egregious when you realize that our own government (starting in the Oval Office) apparently has, and is, doing all it can to relieve these people of responsibility for their crimes and, in fact, enabling them to avoid prosecution, incarceration and deportation.

This is just one accident, but figures just released in a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, or CIS, put the entire situation into shocking perspective.

According to an analysis of a Department of Homeland Security document, 36,007 convicted criminal illegal aliens awaiting deportation were released.

That’s right. Released. Let out on the streets by the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, and these weren’t minor criminals.

They’d been convicted of some 88,000 crimes, including 303 kidnappings, 1,075 aggravated assaults, 425 sexual assaults and 193 murders.

Those crimes were committed in this country after their illegal entry, crimes for which they were convicted in this country.

Yet, with the blessing of the feds, they were released, putting law-abiding Americans at risk.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, put it bluntly and correctly: “This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials.”

He continued, “The administration’s actions are outrageous. They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”

We also know that in 2013 alone, ICE admittedly didn’t bring immigration charges against more than 68,000 illegal-alien criminals. They weren’t even processed for deportation; it’s part of an official administration program called “Catch and Release.”

I talked with Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona, and he told me that the lack of support for law enforcement by the feds is astonishing. He said it’s a total disrespect for the process.

He told me of one instance, just a few weeks ago, when one illegal was picked up and it was discovered he’d already been deported 14 times.

Another incarceration means nothing. For these criminals – and they are criminals – deportation is just a border round trip.

Babeu said assurance from federal officials that the border is secure is a lie because there are no consequences to being here illegally.

It puts law enforcement at a severe disadvantage and gives a virtual free pass to illegals, the drug cartels and those smuggling weapons and human beings.

It’s an open invitation to crime with American citizens as helpless targets.

It makes you wonder about the mentality of politicians.

We have serious problems with illegals and crime.

Yet, judges decide jails are too crowded and order the release of convicted criminals.

So, as in California, criminals are released. We’re told they’re not dangerous, yet police departments report remarkable increases in all manner of crimes after the releases.

Funny how those stories never make the headlines.

Not long ago in California, some 10,000 parole violators were given amnesty.

Then, in April, of 63 pardons granted by Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, more than two-thirds were for drug-related crimes.

It appears politicians at all levels are doing their best to decriminalize crime.

They want drugs legalized, so they go easy on drug criminals.

They want amnesty for illegal aliens, so they ignore the laws that would pursue criminal charges, incarceration and deportation.

If they really cared about crime, they would actually secure the border.

But they don’t.

It’s insane to have police and sheriffs charged to enforce the law, yet we undercut them at every turn.

How did we get to the point where people with official positions – mayors, governors and all the way up to the Oval Office – support cutting criminal sentences, ignore laws and reward lawbreakers with the benefits of our free society?

Then, when they commit other crimes and are sentenced, they’re released as though nothing happened.

I notice the victims of those crimes are never asked how they feel about the release of their attackers – crimes including everything from assault to rape and homicide.

The victims don’t count.

Only the poor, put upon illegal counts – because, I guess, the devil made them do it.

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