Dear Mr. Farah,

I read your column “Liberal blind spot on Islam.”

Beside your list, can there be just one more thing that motivates liberals to ignore brutality toward woman, children, homosexuals and minorities in other countries?

NARRATIVE: They need to maintain the “narrative” that “OUR” nation is the problem. WE are intolerant, WE hate woman, WE’RE homophobic, and WE are racist. The liberals cannot admit that our nation is better than most countries, even Islamic nations, in the way we treat women, homosexuals and other people that are different than ourselves. (In fact, here in the U.S., we actually champion in a positive way the many issues the liberals have seething gripes about.)

But they have to maintain a “narrative” for everything they scheme about.

GUN CONTROL: Gun are only for law enforcement and military. (You are a kook if you think you need one.)

HOMOSEXUALS: If you oppose the lifestyle, you hate. (Not good enough to tolerate them, even show love for them. No, we must embrace the lifestyle.)

WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Disagree with abortion, or don’t want to pay for women’s abortions, you hate women. (Not good enough to love, respect and honor women; you still hate them.)

GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE: Disagree with the narrative here, you are labeled a “denier” (same level of evil as a Holocaust denier).

So … ISLAMIC TREATMENT OF THOSE THEY CONTINUALLY OPPRESS: Ignore them. Doesn’t fit the narrative. WE here in the U.S. are the evil ones.

Gene Borgo

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