It says a lot about the current state of social and intellectual intolerance in America when crucial issues of the day are framed by media outlets to fit caricatures that exist primarily inside the heads of white, privileged, historically ignorant yet spare-no-expense-indoctrinated left-coast elites.

Thus it is that the defense of traditional marriage and the Christian values that made America once-free must today be represented by “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson (and bless him for doing so).

This caricature serves a dual purpose within the media psyche.

First, it assures them that they could never hold these views (even if they do), because they aren’t like Phil. “Good grief, just look; the difference is obvious!”

Second, it helps the elitist media mind to imagine that all of Phil’s fans are way more ignorant and intolerant than Phil himself. “I mean if they look up to him for speaking out …”

This pat-yourself-on-the-backside thinking gives rise to a host of other caricatures.

The religious world is filled with corrupt, money-grubbing televangelists.

The Catholic Church is plagued with child-abusing (but never homosexual) priests.

Noble yet entitled immigrants who just happened to cross the border illegally and found themselves in America must be treated as honored guests.

Deified politicians (those who hold the proper leftist views, and especially those of the proper sexual orientation or skin color) can do no wrong, regardless of the wrongs the rest of us suffer because of their doings.

So it is that all of America must be stuffed inside the East Coast media-illuminated fishbowl, where it can be forced to swim around and around in the media stew and see only those shedding divine light on the world, as they in turn see only those like unto themselves. And so the ideas they were born and propagandized with must become the ideas and ideals of the new American age.

Race, sexual license without limits, personal convenience and religious intolerance are among the great pillars of the left’s new American century.

My, aren’t we all lucky we are being so well taken care of by those who have only our best interests and eternal destiny at heart?

“Armageddon Story, Reconnaissance” – The end-game has already begun.

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