In Hollywood, conservative speech and thought has been viciously oppressed. That is a big victory for the radical statists, or at least it might seem so in the moment. They are so emboldened, they have taken to throwing a fit when someone who is not a radical statist gets a job.

The Benham brothers’ house flipping show was picked up by HGTV, but the show was canceled before it started because some radical statists made a lot of noise. Their only crime was that their father is a pro-life preacher. Ooooh. Such a threat!

The radicals can’t allow anyone to be successful unless they agree with their radical agenda.

Hollywood has operated this way for a while. Conservatives are so afraid of being found out that they keep their mouths shut except when around their most trusted friends or in their private conservative clubs.

As I have sought book endorsements from my Hollywood friends, some have regretfully passed because they know their jobs are on the line. They are afraid of “coming out” as conservative. If that is not an assault on free speech, then please tell me what is an assault.

It is hard for a conservative to understand the mindset of a statist who wants to destroy livelihoods over the expression of their values. A conservative would never dream of doing that to a fellow American, no matter their personal opinion on the issues, because conservatives are the truly tolerant.

Here’s why.

Conservatives are inherently capitalists. They do business with people of all backgrounds. They find people who will do the best job at a low cost. They don’t care about their color or their politics or anything else. That is one reason why the accusation that conservatives are racist is so laughable.

The mind of a statist is totally different. Many will only do business with those who are just as radical. They only support like-minded people and their businesses. They see conservatives as evil and hateful people.

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They’re wrong, of course. Conservatives are classy. The Benham brothers even defended the decision by HGTV to cancel their show. They said that HGTV is a private company, and they have the freedom to choose the shows they want to have on their network.

I disagree. I think it screams bigotry and religious intolerance. I think their free-speech rights have been trounced by HGTV, and it is symptomatic of a systematic intolerance that has pervaded our society and polluted our culture. What if the Benham brothers were Muslim?

Some other network with a little more spinal cord will hire these guys because they are a class act. They will bring with them the kind of huge audience that “Duck Dynasty” has amassed. When family friendly programming is produced by good people, America flocks to them. Ultimately, it will be HGTV’s loss. But meanwhile, I believe our First Amendment takes a hit.

We have reached a dangerous point, because the radicals have found the formula to destroy the livelihoods of people with whom they disagree. No one is safe from the thought police.

Thinking with a very bipartisan brain for a moment, let me just propose something.

What if pro-life activists set out to find people who support abortion. Then they started calling the businesses of those who employ these pro-abortion employees and demanding they “fire the baby killers!”

What if protesters gathered outside the business where they work until the pro-abortion employee was fired? What if they were able to destroy the livelihoods of people who disagree with their opinions?

What if the Obama daughters’ careers were picketed and boycotted because their dad is a radical statist traitor who was wholly unaccountable and lied while people died in Benghazi? Would that be OK with those condoning the radical bigotry of HGTV right now?

We all know what would happen. There would be outrage! There would be so many coming to their defense. They would say it is wrong to attack people just because they disagree with their dad’s opinion on an issue.

The ironic thing about this situation is that this would never happen in reverse. Conservatives don’t hate people with whom they disagree. They would never try to destroy the livelihood of someone because of their political views. Conservatives are way too classy to do something like that.

When we undermine our First Amendment rights it is members of minority groups like the radical statist who pay the highest price. The whole purpose of the First Amendment right to free speech is to protect minorities from tyranny by majorities. It doesn’t matter how vocal you can be when you can’t freely speak. Your vain and reckless behavior is exposing all of us to tyranny, and you statists have the most to lose.

Ultimately, statist, if you continue in your destructive pursuit to assault liberty, you will know that in ways you will wish you didn’t. One of these days, the thought police will come for you.


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