There’s something to be said when a person or people pose such an impending threat without even really trying. Such is the case with the tea party. At the national tea party in 2009, citizens from all walks of life and various political parties who were fed up with reckless government spending covered every inch of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and vocalized our grievances for the government to follow the ordinances set forth in our founding documents. We simply wanted to be heard, and we found strength in our collective voice. As a former member of Tea Party Express, our team was introduced on stage at the national event on that momentous day. I saw the cascading sea of red, white and blue that marked patriots spread far and wide. I knew then that this was something special, a real deal with staying power. It was a memorable scene, one I will never forget.

A colleague and I were interviewed by Fox News preceding that historical event. I had no idea that a national protest would swell into a movement of such vast proportions and become the force that it is today, pulling rank – whether intentional or not – within both political parties. And although I knew that the tea party would definitely ruffle some feathers in D.C., I had no idea that our government officials would feel so threatened to the point of taking such drastic measures to shut us down.

After all, isn’t the tea party comprised of old-fashioned, back-in-the-woods Christians, conservatives and patriots who have the inane idea to stand up for the foundational principles of America? Aren’t we just hostile, frustrated citizens whom Barack Obama said bitterly cling to their guns and religion because people aren’t like us?

(I wonder if Obama will ever tell radical Islamists to stop clinging to their guns and religion as they suppress and kill people in the name of a “peaceful” religion. Don’t count on it.)

My point is this: How can a group of people that are dismissed as so out-of-touch with the views of most Americans possibly intimidate our all-powerful government? One would think that an unhinged minority (as we are often perceived), would quiet down and fade away into oblivion while politicians carry on with the business of re-engineering the American way of life.

But politicians cannot simply wave us away like a pesky insect, because the tea party has affected American politics and the American way of life – not perfect by any means, but certainly not expendable.

Clearly, the tea party intimidates the president, the IRS and an assortment of government leaders on both sides of the aisle. They didn’t see us coming; we flanked them, and the mushroom effect and longevity of the movement totally caught them off guard. Powerful governors and senators have joined our ranks, and citizen leaders have been empowered to run for office and take their rightful place in standing for God and country.

Think about it: Why else would Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell threaten to punch “schoolyard bullies,” referring to the tea party? He feels threatened.

Why has race-baiter Al Sharpton declared “war this summer” over the midterm elections, emphasizing that the GOP “beat back the Tea Party”? Obviously, Sharpton feels threatened by the tea party and feels a semblance of relief in having the GOP fight us. (And, no, they didn’t beat us back.)

Why else would the IRS target conservative groups who applied for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status, cover up the emails proving that we were targeted and discriminated against? Why would Lois Lerner put her career, reputation and future on the line fighting against little ol’ tea partiers and conservative organizations if the administration didn’t view us as a threat?

RINO Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., says he has “no idea what the tea party is.” I’m fairly certain that his opponent in the GOP primary, conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel is giving him a wonderful schooling on the policies, principles, and power of the tea party as he snatches the lead in this exciting and dramatic senate race.

By far, the most significant and disturbing fact pointing to tea partiers’ intimidating presence felt by our government is this harrowing piece of news: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to silence us with a constitutional amendment limiting free speech. On June 3, the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing and vote on this amendment in the summer. This is over-the-top proof positive that we are a threat – and being threatened – for being a voice of freedom in speaking truth to power. Deeply corrupt politicians have upped the ante in their quest to crush and silence citizen leaders, activist groups and organizations. This cannot happen! We have to fight back, fight hard and not throw in the towel by any means. If we continue to persevere, we will experience major victories.

No doubt we will continue to witness and experience fierce opposition of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, in times like these in which we find ourselves fighting seemingly overwhelming odds, hold to this famous quote by Thomas Jefferson:

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.

The government fears the tea party. Thus, liberty is on the horizon.

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