After thousands of cafeteria professionals complained about first lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school-lunch program, the White House responded with a roundtable discussion.

“Holding a roundtable discussion? That’s a joke,” said Cheryl Chumley, author of “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality.”

“Kids have been complaining about being hungry. Schools have been complaining about losing money. But Michelle Obama doesn’t care – her lunch menus are right, and parents in America are wrong, and that’s all there is to it. It’s ultimate nanny-state governance, made worse by the fact that the first lady isn’t even duly elected.”

Republicans have introduced measures for schools that can show a six-month financial loss from the first lady’s lunch-menu program to opt out. Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee just found consensus on a rule to roll back sodium limits in foods served in schools. But to Chumley, those concessions don’t go far enough.

“How about a bill to get rid of this ridiculous rule? The idea of a first lady trolling through our school cafeterias looking for food that she feels doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of our kids smacks of communist-style tactics,” Chumley said. “We don’t need politicians telling us how to eat. We certainly don’t need the first lady wagging her finger at us, telling us that we don’t know how to properly feed our kids.”

The roundtable event held Tuesday was with school nutrition directors from New York City, Los Angeles and rural Georgia. The specially invited guests all told the first lady “success stories” about their work, according to reports.

“We’re not just talking about food, we’re talking about education,” David Binkle of the Los Angeles Unified School District said, according to AP.

Obama asked for advice on making the program better and listened to suggestions that some schools need exemptions from the law.

AP reported the president of the School Nutrition Association, Leah Schmidt, noted that people with concerns about the program were not invited by Obama.

“Our request for flexibility under the new standards does not come from industry or politics, it comes from thousands of school cafeteria professionals who have shown how these overly prescriptive regulations are hindering their effort to get students to eat health school meals,” she told AP.

Agriculture Department officials already have been making modifications in an attempt to make the program workable.

White House chef Sam Kass said the discussion was for school officials and nutritionists and would prove to a world outside of Washington, D.C., that “these standards are really working.”

Chumley’s “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality” marshals terrifying evidence to show the world of Big Brother is much closer than Americans may want to admit.

She’s a full-time writer with The Washington Times and writes about politics and government for various newspapers, Internet news sites and think tanks. She is a journalism fellow with The Phillips Foundation, a prestigious conservative organization in Washington, D.C., where she spent a year researching and writing about private property rights.

From traffic light cameras to phone tapping, from militarized police forces to huge purchase orders by departments of the federal government for billions of rounds of ammunition, the government is becoming unfettered in its control of the American people. “Police State USA” chronicles how America reached this point.

Order your copy now of Cheryl Chumley’s Police State USA.

In the foreword to Chumley’s book, Rep. Louie Gohmert writes:

Look at what we know the government already has accessed. Under Obamacare, the federal government now gets complete documentation of your deepest, darkest, most personal secrets in your medical records that only your doctor once knew until the government decided to help you.

Your revelations to your doctor were completely secret, and our courts used to protect that precious doctor-patient relationship with full-blown privacy rights. Now, without a single Republican vote, the Democrats in the House and Senate decided that those full-blown rights should be fully blown up because the omniscient, ubiquitous, all-knowing, all-caring federal government needs to be in full control of our lives.

Those Democrats are hoping that the governmental god in whom they trust will be more trustworthy in controlling our lives than it is in controlling and operating a website,” he said.

The coming signs of tyranny are all around us. Fortunately, they can be stopped before it is too late, but not without a courageous effort. This nation’s founders risked absolutely everything to secure the blessings of freedom. We only risk some belittling by the mainstream and government harassment for preserving those freedoms. Bottom line, the data in Chumley’s book concerns me and it should concern you.

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