(Daily Emerald) On April 17, 1970, University of Oregon students occupied Johnson Hall in protest of the ROTC. On April 25, students successfully managed to close 13th Avenue and call it “The People’s Street” in further protest. And on Oct. 2, the basement of PLC was bombed. All of the year’s demonstrations were students’ ways of protesting the Vietnam War.

Today’s student activism scene looks a bit different.

Students spend more time dodging OSPIRG flyers on their way to BA 101 than protesting. The only riot that makes news is one that ensues when students party too hard.

“Is College Worth It?” (Hardcover) explores the answer to a critical question: Should we keep sending our kids to college?

Even the historic EMU building, once a popular student activist hub, is being renovated with a slew of technological advancements.

Eugene’s reputation as a “hippie town” may be more of a relic than reality.

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