Happy birthday, Israel!

May 5 is Independence Day in the prosperous, beleaguered Jewish state. There are many in the world and right here in the U.S. who would like to derail the prosperity and increase the beleaguered descriptive.

They include Secretary of State John Kerry, most of the Muslim world, Barack Obama, so-called “progressives” everywhere, misguided kaffiyeh-wearing college students and so on.

They are trying to do that through a truly twisted and demonic concept-movement called “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.”

Imagine that! There’s one Jewish state in the world. It’s small. It’s surrounded by viciously maniacal, well-armed, filthy-rich Jew-haters who seek openly to destroy it. It’s the only free society in the Middle East – for Arabs or Jews. And that’s the one that the BDSers and their friends in high places want to bring down.

It’s insanity. It’s true mental illness. Or worse.

Did I mention how Israel is a crucial battlefield for free enterprise and liberty in general?

Did I mention Israel is, by any standard you want to use, the most “progressive” of nations – with full voting rights for all, including Arabs, free press rights for all, including Arabs, and a political system that boasts broad diversity among its elected officials – including Arabs. This is something no Arab nation offers – not even for Arabs.

So what’s the beef against Israel?

They claim Israel is occupying “Palestinian” land.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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In fact, there is not an inch of land being held by Israel that belongs to “Palestinians,” a term with no real meaning given there has never been a nation-state called Palestine in the history of the world.

There is a nation in the world today that is occupying land bequeathed to so-called “Palestinian Arabs.” That nation is called Jordan, most or all of which was, at one time, set aside by the world’s powers as a homeland for Palestinian Arabs. It’s where most people who identify themselves that way actually live now.

Many others do live in Israel and what has been set aside by the Jewish state of its own lands as “Palestinian Authority” territory. Israel has also granted the PA autonomy on how they govern themselves in those lands. So far, the experiment has been an unmitigated disaster, with these “neighbors” launching attacks on Israeli citizens and showing no desire to live at peace.

But, one thing is certain: There will always be Jew-haters in the world.

That’s why the Jewish state was reborn in 1948 – as a refuge for Jews who were scattered from their original homeland 2,000 years ago and persecuted wherever they went.

No one expected they would escape further persecution, but at least a homeland would offer Jews a home of their own from which they could defend themselves and their right to exist.

That is all Israel has done – with a patience and an unparalleled willingness and eagerness to find peace with its neighbors.

Wait! I forgot. There’s one more thing Israel has done. It has prospered – against all odds. Israelis literally took a God-forsaken desert and made it bloom. And that’s what really bugs the Jew-haters. Not only has it become an agricultural miracle, but a technological wonder as well. Israelis haven’t done it alone, however. They’ve done it with the blessing of God.

I would like to invite you personally to come with me to see this modern-day miracle for yourself.

Last year, Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” and I took some 400 Americans to Israel for a spiritual journey and fact-finding tour. I am a Christian Arab-American and former Middle East correspondent. Cahn is a messianic Jewish Bible teacher with profound understanding of the scriptures and the Hebrew language and culture. It was such an amazing trip, we decided to do it again this November.

If you want the experience of a lifetime, come with us. See Israel for yourself. It is remarkably safe, given the circumstances – safer than most U.S. cities for that matter. Don’t be afraid. This is a land God watches over.

Every Jew and Christian needs to make a pilgrimage like this at least once. And, I promise, there is no better way to see it than with that “Farah-Cahn” team.

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