John Diehl, Dave Blamy and Jason Burkey of "A Long Way Off"

Each week WND news editor Drew Zahn reviews Hollywood’s biggest movies, examining their messages and underlying worldview.

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On June 6, however, both WND and Zahn actually make an appearance in a movie, the release from Word Films, ProdigalFilm and Uptone Pictures based on the Bible’s prodigal son called “A Long Way Off.”

As WND reported, “A Long Way Off” is a modern-day depiction of Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, the timeless tale of a son who demanded his inheritance from his father, then left home and squandered it all. The great twist of the story is that when the boy comes home, the father runs to meet him with open arms and celebrates the son who was as dead, but is now alive.

The film’s cast includes, among others, Robert Davi (from “Goonies,” “Die Hard” and James Bond’s “License to Kill”), Edie McClurg (known from “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”), two actors from the hit Christian film “Courageous,” Robert Amaya and Rusty Martin and stars Jason Burkey from the film “October Baby.”

In roughly the 31st minute of “A Long Way Off,” the prodigal son, Jake (played by Burkey), sits down to read the news online and can be seen exploring the WND news site. At the top of the page is a WND news story about a growing jihadist threat and a banner ad for Jerry Corsi’s book, “What Went Wrong: The Inside Story of the GOP Debacle of 2012 … And How It Can Be Avoided Next Time.”

"Jake" surfing the 'Net in "A Long Way Off"

As “Jake” continues surfing, he discovers a story by Zahn, which includes the news editor’s byline and photo.

Drew Zahn's brief appearance in "A Long Way Off," at lower right

Also appearing in the movie, in cameo speaking roles, are Fox News host Sean Hannity and Sid Roth, host of the TV program “It’s Supernatural!” which also appears weekly on WND.

“We made ‘A Long Way Off’ to bring to remembrance the oft-forgotten fathers,” Executive Producer Gerald McGlothlin told WND. “In a lost world that sometimes puts youth on a pedestal, we must not forget that behind millions of successful young men and women is a loving father. It is our hope that by watching this movie, many estranged sons and daughters will do as our lead character ultimately does: return home to reconcile with both their earthly and heavenly Father.”

See a trailer for the film below:

According to McGlothlin, the film’s release right before Father’s Day is particularly poignant.

“There have been countless studies that show having a loving father in a home provides children with far better shot at succeeding in life,” McGlothlin told WND. “Overflowing prisons attest to the sad state of growing up without a father or being estranged from a father.

“We are releasing our film shortly before Father’s Day with the hope that many will return home to their fathers,” he continued, “We hope many sons and daughters take their fathers to see this film. We hope many fathers take their sons and daughters to see ‘A Long Way Off.'”

In addition, McGlothlin and his wife, Christy, will discuss the film Sunday, June 1, at 3:30 p.m. ET on the TCT Network program “TCT Alive,” which can be viewed on DirecTV channel 377 and Time Warner channel 1230.

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